1:12 scale Halloween scene: Part 3 — Complete (with glue!!)

I can’t believe I finished something. I am so committed to this scene, I glued it all. *gasp* . That’s right! Glued! I can even hold it upside down if I would like. 😀 I honestly feel the most satisfying feeling ever! If this is how one always feels when completing a project?… Then I should do it more often!! 😀

Obviously there are things I would change because I get tired of looking at same setting/decor, that’s just me! Overall I am very happy with the way everything turned out! This project had a lot of firsts. First bunting (consider me an addict now!), first cupcakes, cakepops, pumpkins and candy. Love it all. Seriously. Why do I ever wait to complete something?! I can’t explain how great I feel right now!

Everything you see below was handmade by me, using clay, and free printables I found over the web. All of that was explained in Part 1 of the Halloween scene posts.

Enough rambling, let’s just take a moment to look at some hard nights work! 😀


Finger for proof of scale. 🙂

Cupcakes and candy all over the place!

I ❤ the white pumpkin. If I didn’t dislike clutter so much (because I live in it daily IRL!), I would probably add about 100 more! 😀

1:12 scale halloween cake pops.

It was my first time making cake pops and cupcakes! The butterflies seen here on the sticks are from the image set I downloaded from Secondsister Suaviloquy (scaled down of course!). I explain where I collected everything from in my first post, in case you are just joining me on thise project now!

Ogre Snot.

Gobblin Goodies.

Beetle Parts and Luna Moth — Candies of course!

1:12 scale bunting. “Happy Haunting”.
From Secondsister Suaviloqy Witches Larder set.

Bats in frames.

Love the shadows the wings leave on the wall!

My most favourite of all; 1:12 scale pumpkin totem. 😀

That’s it that’s all! 😀 I can’t even believe my eyes when I look back at the pictures. This project has definitley upped my motivation in completing projects. I just want to stare. all. day. long.

Now that this is finished, and my thrifting store posts are finished…I’m moving back to work on the Orchid. We are moving (last day here is Nov 16th maybe before that), and I have to put the Orchid in storage for an unknown period of time. Hopefully only a few weeks, but we are still working out some strings (re: purchasing a house) so right now everything is still kind of up in the air. But no matter what happens, we will be staying at my MIL’s for at least 2.5 weeks, if not longer. And we will be living in two small rooms — along with 3 other adults. 7 people in an 1,100 sq ft home. Yup, that’s right. LOL. So….I will have to come up with a list of projects I can bring with me for the time that I am there. I have been thinking I will finish the quarter scale cottage and maybe spend some time revamping the Barbies I have. I figure with the latter, minimal tools/stashed supplies are needed, which will be important while we are living in tight quarters.

Anyways, I’ll be sad about that with you another day. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! I myself am headed off to two job interviews!! (?? — don’t ask, I just felt like sending off some resumes and had a very nice response, not sure if I’m ready to leave the babies though!!). I will let you know how that goes, because me getting a job…I’m not sure what that would mean for minis? I doubt anything! haha, I always run on little sleep and lots of caffiene, and I’m sure I’ll always have room for what I love! 😀

Ramble soon!




  1. Just keep telling yourself that it’ll all be worth it in the end. Two weeks is not so bad, yeah it’ll be tight, but it’ll also pass quickly. A new house and new job and switching from being a stay at home is going to be a rollercoaster ride for sure, hang on tight and keep the coffee pot full 😀

  2. Hello Rebecca!
    All I can say is cute, cute and more cute! Love the pumpkins.
    Love conny

  3. What a fantastically beautiful work you have done here. So many fine details, I understand you’re happy with it. The pictures are also really nice. Nice work.
    Good luck with your job search.

  4. What beautiful Halloween scenes!

  5. Wow Rebecca! Your miniatures are awesome. Looks like you have lots of fun creating them!

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