Life Updates and Halloween Scene Sneak Peek.

How is it that when you feel like you are legitimately at your maximum level of busy….things get busier??

The past few months, my partner Gord and I have been discussing buying our first home. Really scary thought! We’ve been lightly researching properties over time, when recently something came up that we think is the next logical step for us. The past week has been full of digging out paperwork (here is where I thank myself for being somewhat organized!), and making more phone calls than your average Secretary. Things are progressing nicely but I wouldn’t want to jinx it. So more on that as it (hopefully) falls into place! πŸ™‚

I haven’t had much time to work on anything mini. Even though Makaio’s tooth broke through the gum…it still has a long way to go…needless to say I’ve been cuddling more, as always — no complaints! πŸ˜€

I’d say the Halloween scene is at the 80% finished mark. I have been fiddling with placement the past few days trying to get an idea of where everything will reside permanently. The only commitment I have made is the bunting, which I finally glued in place after getting tired of hearing my own whining after every time I discovered that it had fallen off. I keep moving things around — and obviously was sidetracked by my recent additions to my Barbie collection (Hightlighted in my last post here).

Anyhoo, I’ll just leave you with a few photos. I’m off to finish my thrifting post – part 2! (I might have gone again today and have even more to add!!)

Testing setting. I think the white table top is too bright for displaying dark Halloween mini’s — especially in photos and my horribly lighted basement apartment…


Testing out one of the Skeletons from the dollar store. I’m not sure I am a fan of it in this scene. Maybe for a future front porch?…or giveaway? πŸ˜‰

I tied his legs and tried my best to bend him without breaking. Maybe breaking would be the best option. Who doesn’t like scattered bones? I also have 4 others just in case I regret the decision.


Enjoy your Saturday night!! πŸ˜€




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