…..yea. So, if you’ve been with me for a while, you will know that I have been attempting a lot of different needle arts lately. Embroidery, cross stitching, knitting….

I last updated on my current rug project here. I was in the process of taking back stitches, because eager me counted the stitches wrong. I thought I only had a few to take back…. but the more I kept staring I noticed something else wasn’t right and in fact, the entire new square I had stitched needed to go, (not even sure if that sentence made sense, but you get the point, I messed up!!). I started pulling back stitches and then thought…”probably faster just to start over again.”….I placed the work in my pocket and went about my (laundry) day.

Later on when I was taking a load out of the washer, I found my sad rug attempt squished against the side…soaking wet with bleeding brown colours,…que cerra.

Realizing I had (another) opportunity to start something new, I started researching blackwork. First of all, I almost died at some of the original blackwork that adorned Elizabethan and Tudor style clothing. Look at this;

This blackwork is in red, but look at the details! From:

After gawking for too long, I set out for free patterns. I found some that were 16 squares high and thought for my 28 count that the result might turn out small enough for me to use it in dollhouse related things;


Not too bad so far, if I do say so myself. The black motif is done in one strand of DMC floss, which I found too thick for this sort of detail. The green is regular sewing thread. I didn`t get too out of control on this project, I`m just trying little iddy biddy`s that way I can`t get too disappointed if you know, I mess up, or put it through the laundry. O_O

Stay tuned for a look at my (oh so close to being) completed Halloween scene!

Have a great Sunday!



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