1:12 scale Halloween Scene: Part 2 — It’s Coming Together!

It’s October the 11th! Halloween is closer than we think! I’ve been trying to keep my family and house together, while also staying sane…much of that sanity has been brought to me by making mini’s, the rest…via Tetley tea.

As I mentioned before my current objective is to finish my Halloween scene. I’m surprised with the lack of sleep I had last week that I was able to stay up the nights I did. My motivation is coming from wanting that little mini scene somewhere in my house with at least a week or so of display/ “ooh and ahh” time before Halloween. πŸ™‚

I have seen picture frames used as a base for a miniature scene. I had one lots lying around and decided I would see how I liked this technique. I glued scrap wood underneath the frame. Then filled with my infamous coffee stir stick hardwood flooring, topped off with a few coats of gloss varnish.

Coffee stir stick floors — my favourite. πŸ˜€

Halloween Scene backdrop.

The back is a peice of foamcore, covered in a peice of cardstock (which I never realized is the same colour as my walls! — In my entire apartment…). I added baseboard trim. There is also black skinny sticks on the edges if the foamcore (to hide the foam-ness). The back is painted black. Just looks neater this way, obviously, lol. πŸ™‚

Notice my wall colour compared to the Halloween scene? LOL.

I really liked how this built up, and I will definitely be using this technique for displaying future scenes (like maybe my unfinished nursery room?).

I have a large handful of items finished to be placed. These are just a few;

Halloween Goodies.

Sorry for the horrible quality photo…(We really hope to move soon to somewhere above ground and without flourescent lighting.). There are many more waiting to be finished. And I have made my signature cocktail stick table to display it all on. I’m hoping that things can start being put in place permanently (such a scary word for my mini’s and I!!!), and then displayed.

Stay tuned for the possibility of me competing something! πŸ˜€



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