1:12 scale Halloween Scene: Part 1 — Gathering Inspiration

As I mentioned before, I have been working on trying to complete a Halloween scene. Key word: complete. I took on this project not only to be festive, but also to challenge myself to complete something before a deadline. In this case Halloween. I would ideally like to complete it before Halloween so I can display it, but beggars can’t be choosers!

I’m sure many of you have completed one of these scenes yourself (link it in the comments if you have!). There are many good resources for ideas and printables (free, of course!), obviously we all know about.com which has a few items to choose from. I did use the printable plates from here for DD;

About.com Halloween printable plates. Cut in a rush as a 2.5 year old pulled at my pant leg for them. πŸ˜€

but I didn’t find them suitable for myself, wanted something more fancy and mature. Something more realistic I suppose.

There is another wonderful list of projects here as well, 50 to be exact. πŸ™‚ I considered a few, but I wanted something original(-ish. Lol).

Remembering that it is possible to scale down images, as I have done with my books, I set out on the world wide web for any free Halloween printable that could help inspire me. I was almost too excited when I found these

Secondsister Suaviloquy: The Witches Larder Printables — In miniature

Bunting: “Happy Haunting”

This BEAUTIFUL printable set, called the Witches Larder, is available here, at Secondsister Suaviloquy. You must go check out the post to see what she did with her printables! I would have LOVED to re-create that exact scene in miniature, however I can’t quite figure out how to recreate those beautiful candlesticks with the supplies I have around… 😦 I also am not committed to building a new fireplace and the two I have on hand aren’t pleasing too me. But, I do love the bunting, and I think that I can work with a few of the other images, like the cupcake holders:

Still need to be “iced” — but this is using the printables from Secondsister Suaviloquy.

This is where Pinterest comes in. Obviously always full of wonderful ideas, I set out to see if I could find any halloween decor/party ideas that might spark some ideas in me. I was overwhelmed with beautiful creations and set ups and I found myself really wishing that I had done this in my own home (not too late yet I suppose! :D).

I especially loved the ideas seen here at Pink Sugar Photography, who had a wonderful set up in 2010. No free printables here, but a lot of inspiration! This caused me to make as many mini picture frames as I could handle in one evening;


Eventually they will be painted, and hopefully, will have the effect of looking something similar to that of Pink Sugar Halloween decor. I also loved the pumpkins they featured, how they were painted differently, spiderwebs, spiders,faces, etc. Jack’O’laterns are nice…on halloween night, but they aren’t that attractive sitting out for weeks on your front step (except to animals!), so the painted beauties are a great alternative. Especially for me in the mini world becuase it meant that I would have to do less scuplting — not my best area of the arts. I have a bunch of neglected clay which I quickly whipped up into these.

12 little pumpkins sitting in a row….

I am happy with what I have gathered so far but I also went and found this other free printable set, just in case, not sure what that “case” may be…but at least I have it! (It’s that whole commitment fear I have that I always talk about! LOL).

Second free printable set.

This one also had cute bags and cupcake holders. I also like how the cupcake holders do not have any print, so I wouldn’t have to worry about people trying to see it, or notice it, or photograph it to show you. I don’t like how orange and black this one is though….makes me lean more towards the wiches larder set!

I will have to decide what kind of scene I will be setting up! I can’t make up my mind if it will be some sort of fancy (adult oriented) party? Or a family home decorated and ready for the door bell to ring, or after the shell out? Since I am still unsure, I also printed these free bingo cards…in mini of course..

Mini bingo cards.

Other things which I have found along the way (also free) and have converted down are these pictures.

If the broom fits, ride it!

Available here.

Halloween Subway Art.

Available here.

They have frames……just waiting.. πŸ™‚

I’m feeling a lot more motivation to finish things all the way through lately. So hopefully I will have, for once, something I can actually call finished work to show you. Imagine that?!… Crazy talk..

I’m about to go to my maternal grandmas for some thanksgiving festivities and visits with family! I also plan on raiding her fabric stash she no longer wants. She’s a quilter…you’d die if you saw what she has, and you’d probably feel less guilt abouy your own stashes! I’ll have to remember to snap a few pictures for you. πŸ™‚

Enjoy your day!


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