A rough week and dollar store day!

This week has been beyond my control (as life always is, especially when little people are involved!!). I am still not sure what was wrong with Makaio, if it was teething, or a virus, but he was the saddest little baby and even had a fever one night of 103! Then a rash broke out…all is well now though! He’s had lots of rest and mamas milk and next week is looking up for us! πŸ™‚

In order to celebrate our first feeling good day, we set out in the stroller to do some dollar store mini hunting, since I have been holding myself back for a few weeks now!

I was on a hunt for anything to help me with my Halloween scene, and just general mini goodness things. I have been eyeing these chipboard frames for a while now and today I decided to grab a box to see what they were like;

Create-Its! Chipboard Frames

$2.99/ea. Looks like it’s worth it!!!


I opened excitedly thinking, ” I have more frames than I know what to do with now!”…..

See, plastic insert.

Or not. Apparently half the container was full of that plsstic insert..and this is what was actually in there…

The goods. Not so great. I was hoping for more!!

*le sigh*.

I also picked up other random goodness, like more cocktail forks;

Cocktail weenie forks,

These were what I used for the bed and end tables. Seen here. In the same isle as the cocktail forks you can find all the wedding goodies. I picked two packages I think might be useful. (lets also ignore the horrid state of my roombox — I sense another update coming soon…);

Roman Pillars. $1 for 2.

Flimsy basket with some polymer clay pumpkins.

The baskets were less to be desired once opened. They are really flimsy plastic. I thought they would be harder, and I didn’t think about squeezing the package while in the store. The pillars…more suitable for half inchor quarter inch scale if they are being used as architectural details, but they could be decorative in 1″ scale? Fireplace? Maybe? Maybe not? Lol

Halloween related items weren’t the greatest at this location, but I did find these;


They will hopefully be used for my Halloween scene and maybe I will finally hinge the Orchid door and decorate the step there? I will have to decide that as time permits. So far, both babies were sleeping by 11 pm. A somewhat rare occasion in our house! So, I’m trying to get out some e-mails before I bring out my current project — my Halloween scene, which hopefully I will be able to share the beginnings of with you tomorrow. πŸ™‚

For all my Canadian visitors, enjoy your Turkey day with family and remember all the blessings you have to be thankful for! (right now, I am most thankful to have me time for first time in almost 7 days straight! — That’s the fastest way to end up in a mental institution if you are a stay at home Mama of two littles!)

Gobble Gobble! See you tomorrow!


P.s. Don’t forget to go sign up for April’s giveaway! πŸ™‚


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