A Real Princess Playhouse

Makaio’s tooth/teeth must be inches away from cutting his gums because I have been in bed with him almost allll day. As I nurse away his pain, I have had (too much!) time too catch up in much loved blogs I follow. And since I have nothing else to share with you today, I figured why not have a little Monday link fest?!

This is another blog I heart, called A Place Imagined. The writer/collaborator is named Holly and I believe she builds playscale houses herself and also showcases interesting ones made by other architects.

I love this one!

Two thirds the size of a real house, this place was built in 1932 for Princess Elizabeth (now queen!). It is beyond words beautiful. Even has a newly renovated thatched roof, hot and cold running water, a heated towel rack!! Top notch for it’s time for sure. Be sure to stop by and definitely add to your blogs to follow! Another useful source for building/mini inspiration. 🙂


Another link about same playhouse and it’s recent renovation led by 23 year old Princess Beatrice — includes a video.


** This was sitting in my draft posts over night, as it is Tuesday now, but I still had to share!!**



  1. N.D.Craig · · Reply

    Beck…We’re in Missoula with Brad and away from all home chores, so I FINALLY managed to finish reading all your blogs to-date, and am loving them. Also share your love of Princess Elizabeth’s playhouse. I saw an interview & tour of it with Princess Beatrice when the renovation was completed. Good luck with Makaio’s teeth, and give Nia a hug from me.
    Much love, Grandma D.

    1. Love you Gram!
      An e-mail for you is currently in draft waiting to be finished and sent away. 🙂

      Big hugs from all of us to you and Grandpa.

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