Two Vacuums…

There are two vacuums sitting outside my bedroom door. I am in bed having my face scratched off by 7 (almost 8!!) month old Makaio as I try (again) to get him to go down for a nap. The toddler is watching Arthur in her underwear eating Kraft Dinner.

This is real life people. The reason why I never update daily….or eat. :).

I have had one fussy baby on my hands lately! He hasn’t gone to sleep before 1 am, all. week. I enjoy our late night one on one time, so I can’t complain about not getting time for my other minis. šŸ™‚

I will reassure everyone that the brown paper is still there! BUT, I am considering changing it still. Not because I don’t like it. I actually went back and realized that the last image I had of it in my head was the photograph, which by the way, has horrible contrast. The walls are a lot lighter in real life.

** returning to finish writing 7.5 hours later — LOL**

As I was saying, I don’t mind the wallpaper. It is niee and warm and cozy. But I do mind the broken and chipped trim around the front door and window. I tried to gently tug and see if it would remove itself from the paper (because yes, it is glued onto the paper…of course..), and its not budging. I could try and slice down with an exacto knife to remove them. I suppose I should try this first, and if it looks horrible, then I will take the time to put in new wallpaper.

There are also a few places that paint has gotten on over the past few days where I was painting and measuring (stupidly at the same time…) the baseboard trim. I might need to write out a pros/cons list to get myself through this one….

Another option would be leaving it AS IS and using the cracks and breaks to help me further build a story around the Orchid…which is seeming to have a lot of these cracks and breaks, leaving it looking “shabby” or well loved at least. šŸ˜€

In other news, this week I have wasted about 4″ of crown molding trying to get the right angles cut to go in the corner. Thankfully after a late night plea on the Greenleaf fourm, I was directed to a very helpful tutorial I hope to use this weekend! (If, and only if, Makaio sleeps…).

I have also been sanding and painting over and over again to get as nice a finish as I can on the trim and baulisters (which by the way, are very rough after painting!). Cutting and placing the railing has been intimidating, thankfully, the almightly Brae just put in railings the other day and saved me probably days worth of calculations. (Thanks!! :D)

I don’t really want to leave you with a naked post (aka, one with out pictures), So I leave you here with an update on my rug stitching. I am currently in the process of ripping back about 10 stitches because I was confident that I know the pattern…but clearly I do not!!! This will be the third or fourth time that I have had to do this and, well as you can see, I haven’t even gotten that far!


This is all a learning process, and I am enjoing every moment! One day I will be able to stitch on 40-somthing count silk with ease….some day…

Thats all I have to share for now, IĀ  will have time to make some updates for you this weekend because with Daddy around my hands are able to get that free time necessary to ramble to you about mini things šŸ˜€

Rebecca, xox


  1. Poor little one, is it teeth coming? I think it’s safe to say we have all had molding angle frustrations over the years, it’s like a badge of honor (dishonor?)

    1. Teeth/developmental spurt! I can see about 4 teeth just waiting to poke through, and he has started crawling the past week. The gears in his brain are definitely turning and keeping him up!! Thankfully he past two nights have been (somewhat) restful.

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