Stitching nap time away..

The stairs are getting there! I can’t help myself from peeking in through the front door when I walk by to take a look at my hard work, which I will share with you soon!

In between entertaining the littles, I have been working some more on cross stitching. I went back to the rug I started a while back. I purchased the two possible shades of brown available and one seemed to be an ok match. There was a difference, but nothing too noticeable. I tried locating the other colours I had chosen to complete this rug, but I have either stashed them away to a point where I cannot find them at all again, or I chose horrid colours to begin with. I started to stitch in some of the background, and then I hated it and couldn’t rip it out.

I was more than happy to put down my neon purple loom and pick up some of the 28 count cloth I had purchased recently at Micheals. I again went to the free stitching site that I mention in this post. I am obviously loving how this count stitches up. Much better for 1:12 scale. I could see using 14 count for 1:6 maybe..

Anyhoo, I haven’t finished yet much, but its a start, and obviously I am eager to show anyone who is interested!! 🙂


I’ll be back soon with hopefully lots more to show! 😀

Have a nice day


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