Stairs Sneak Peek!

As I believe I might have mentioned in previous posts, I am an avid user of the Instagram for Android app. I love being able to update pictures for my family and friends (from in real life and not!). The filters that they have  also make the pictures more forgiving of the fact that most are shot with a camera that has less than 10 MP.

If you are on the app, you can follow me, just search for me, @broccolianddip

If you aren’t on the app. I usually send the pictures directly to my Flickr Photstream.

My screen name over there is also broccolianddip. (even though my photo stream is called Mama’s Mini’s).

Broccolianddip is my screen name everywhere by the way, Twitter, Greenleaf forum, Yahoo groups, Instagram, Etsy…It’s my alter ego, my online identity in a way. Even though here, my blog name is Mama’s Mini’s, but my wordpress login is still broccolianddip :D.

Anyways, head over to Flickr to catch a glimpse at my stair progress. You can even see the pictures in my Flickr album by clicking on the recent pictures which are live fed to my blog. [see bottom right corner of homepage!].

If you are ever curious to know what I am really doing, check out those albums! They work in “real” time, where as this blog works on “Rebecca time” — about 3-7 days behind schedule. O_o

Hopefully I can add the stair pictures to here by tonight! As well as the other million things I have planned (like maybe writing a post showing Conny how I made the mini book’s if she would like to know 😉 )

Enjoy your Wednesday!


One comment

  1. Your stairs look very nice. You did a good job. I love the brown color on your walls.
    Many hugs and kisses,

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