Sunday Shopping!

First of all, remember when the Lords Day Act existed? I don’t. I wasn’t alive when it happened. But I remember hearing all about the excitement around town that shopping hours were extended for the whole weekend when it used to be forbidden. I almost felt guilty being out after thinking/remembering this as I was out shopping on a Sunday! I am not religious, mind you, not atheist, just maybe confused lol, but I still felt a tad bit of shame! Must have been my past life shining through — the one where, I was a religious well mannered woman with a bazillion homeschooled.children who were had extremely high morals and values as I did, (but that’s another post, maybe for a different blog lol).

So how was my alone time spent thrifting and searching for dollhouse and doll related things?!

Glad you asked, because Gord and others already appear to be bored of it all. Lol. Not surprising. 😉

My main objective on this hunt was to find items for my LPS Petite Blythe dolls (like outfits, accessories, etc) and/or outfits and accessories for my 1:6 scale dolls. (Mostly LIV dolls by spinmaster. One Barbie — She has articulated joints 😉 )

I started my adventure at Zellers, which I mentioned before, is closing down. They had 80-90% off when I went in and I had high hopes, but was expecting to see a much picked over store. Which it was. I went straight to the toy section and found one LIV doll accessory pack without a price. I took my chance and bought it.

Apron, BBQ, Tongs, Cups and Plates. LIV doll accessories.

It was .89 cents. I have since decided that I do not like it…

Then I went up to Toys ‘R Us. Only to be more disappointed with the doll selection there. I had to hold back from buying any new Blythe dolls. After a while of staring at so many, I felt…kind of like I didn’t want any anymore. LOL. I love the ones I have now, don’t get me wrong, and I will cherish them, and perhaps new members will join the family one day (Thift store buys seems to be much more my thing…)

I grabbed a few more packs of LIV doll accessories while I was at Toys ‘R Us.

Movie Pack. My original idea when I bought them was to repaint the items. Now I’m not sure if its possible or if it’s something that I have time for..

No box picture. I liked the shoes with this set too much. 🙂 Backpack and computer. The backpack has great detail

This came with the backpack and computer. Watch, sunglasses and earings.

Turns out when I arrived home. I only really liked one pair of shoes from the 3 packs I purchased. The rest seemed too “toy” like. I’m not sure how to explain it really…I enjoy looking at pictures of dioramas in 1:6 scale, and I love the dolls I have that are LIV dolls…but I don’t think that these items were any that I would like to have in any of my (future) ones, so I have listed all of them on eBay, except for one pair of shoes that I like. 🙂

Back to my shopping day…I went to the thrift stores. All three. and found nothing. Not even one neglected Barbie whose clothes I could steal. I even went to the second hand childrens store. Nothing there either!!

I stopped at Wal-Mart before heading home to pick up some clothes for Stardoll Barbie I remembered seeing on clearence for $5. I really only liked one dress, one pair of shoes and a purse. Many other items were included. I was happy it was still there. And along the way, I found a Stardoll Barbie, the only one in the whole store, and first one I have ever seen. They have rooted eyelashes, but not articulated joints. However, she had details that LIV and Barbie do not, like painted fingernails, which I thought I liked. Also she had an outift I thought I might like for my girls. Since she was only $10, I brought her home.

After opening and not so much enjoying my LIV doll items, I opened up the Stardoll clothes and (not?) to my surprise they were horrible quality.

Stardoll is very manly looking. Perhaps trying to redefine Barbie’s beauty a little toooo much.

Purple dress, black shoes and red purse were my “maybe I like and seem worth the $5) outfits. The rest? Is that really what people buy their children? I hope my daugther never dresses her dolls in a boustier! But, purple dress was too short for my modest dolls whom I like to keep (somewhat) covered up. The shoes were wayyy too giant for the custom Fashonista Barbie I have (who I will introduce soon…promise!) but the shoes do fit the LIV dolls. Possibly even still too big, which made me really curious to know what Stardoll Barbie’s feet looked like.

Stardoll Barbie.

I never opened her, so I will probably never know…

The whole experience made me lose my doll mojo. Not my dollhouse or 1:12 scale mojo, but more my 1:6 one… I am not sure how to explain it. But after failing to get the baby to sleep, and remembering I had forgotten to take some paper back to Micheals that I really didn’t need, I packed everything up and ran over to make returns. One being Stardoll Barbie.

At Micheals, I only had 20 minutes until they closed and rememered I needed thread to finish the rug I had tossed to the UFO pile. While I was back there, I decided to see if they had smaller count canvas since I also had a 40% off coupon with me. They only had 28 as the smallest, but I decided it was better than 14 and for $7.99 before my 40% off coupon, it seemed like a good deal. I felt way too rushed to pick out too much thread, but I knew the patterns I have been working for generally call for about 3 colours, so I grabbed 3 in pretty teals to try with thew new canvas. (Sorry no pictures of that!)

When I pulled into the Wal-Mart plaza I was sad to find out that the cashier was too busy talking to me about how there are mother’s allowances available for student mothers [yes, thank you kind young lady who has no children of her own and is for some reason assuming I am poor??….] and she forgot to ring through the coupon even though I passed it too her.

Beh. Not the first time it’s happened to me, unfortunately. And it didn’t seem worth the gas to go back to get my $4-ish back, it only seemed worth saving that when I was there..

Ugh. So no problems at Wal-Mart. Said my Bye’s to Stardoll Barbie and then headed over to the craft section (teehee!). I was curious to see what they had in terms of embroidery. Nothing. In case you were wondering. At least not at my local store. One giant back of cheap and too thick of craft cord, but no canvas or cloth, etc.

I did remember that I saw a hand held sewing machine was carried at Wal-Mart USA during one of my late night searches for how to make my mini-sewing life easier. I went to the sewing isle, and too my disappointment they only had a few larger machines. And most of the shelves were without boxes.

So I sadly wandered down the isle. Feeling defeated in my shopping attempts, as well as my mini sewing endeavours. Then I looked down to my left, and on the bottom of the shelf, far away from sewing machine related things…I found this;


I mean, if it didn’t fall from the sky, then where did it come from?? The box was even damaged and opened. It was literally piled on top of merchadise in a way that seemed as if the moment was meant for only me. It was really exciting. 😀 I even explained the situation to the cashier, and my mother in law…and Gord and his brother, and you know, anyone who would listen!

When I got home, I had to do some a lot of fiddling, but I got it working….it seems like a great concept. However, I am now worried about how much I will actually be able to do one handed…even with the metal guide to clamp the material down….

Here I am thinking another trip to Wal-Mart might be in order….

**face palm**

And this my friends, is why we should not shop on Sunday’s.

Talk soon!



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