A weeks worth of books!

I somehow had it in my head that by now I would be finished my stairs, and by mid week I would be showing off all my hard work…But of course they aren’t nearly finished.

Little Makaio had another fussy night on Monday. Since I had just purchased new colour printer ink, we, as in the baby and I,  (because if he’s staying up that late he will be subjected to minis!!) took advantage of the situation and printed some mini magazines we have stashes in our computer files (yes, I have digital stashes too. I must admit that this was pretty addictive! I probably could have sat here and continued finding images/scanning my own to make a whole library! 😀

Vintage Magazines

I lost this post as I hit publish! I had so many more pictures and funny words. SO sad. 😦

I will finish it again tonight.. For now, you can look at this one picture…. more to come!



  1. Ah, do not get depressed. Take your time. Sometimes it takes me weeks to finish something. I have no energy. Hang in there.
    Take care sweetie.

  2. Forgot to tell you – nice books!

    1. Thanks Conny! 🙂

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