A weeks worth of books…take two!

Well, I’m going to try this again. Stinky WordPress…not impressed. That was a first time experience. It was odd too because as I hit publish, a screen I have never seen before popped up asking me if I was “sure”… I thought I was pretty sure. So I hit ok. Just seems like a waste of my morning more than anything. I could’ve been knitting or something. 😐

Anyways, back to the books!

As you briefly saw in my last post, I made some vintage magazines, along with some magazine holder’s to store them. Here are some more pictures.

On the desk.

Beside the bed.


While placing them in the dollhouse, I caught Lina indulging in a bag of (yummy) Smartfood.

Wrist deep in Smartfood love.

Comfort eating.


She blames the fact that the blythe’s have taken over. I don’t blame her, but I explained that she is made of more delicate material (porcelain). It’s nothing personal, just that I feel less worried when “playing” with blythe’s because they won’t break as she might. Especially on my hard tile floor…

As you might notice?, I turned on the dollhouse lights while I was taking some pictures. I was hoping to add to the realism but it just ended up throwing off the white balance too much. Some of the pictures (the ones above) only looked (half-ish) decent after editing with my Instagram for Android app. You know, where vintage old pictures are the “cool” thing? (by the way, if you are on Instagram, you can follow me @broccolianddip lots of doll/house and kiddo pictures there!). I can’t wait until a new camera can find it’s way to my hands! I think I already know what I want for Christmas as my phone, what I currently use for all my pictures, is not cutting it anymore! (for my own personal photography standards that is!) I know that a 12 MP camera is within my budget and my phone is only 8. Imagine what those 4 MP could add to my photos?? 😀

Megapixel talk aside, here are the shots I took of the dollhouse. One with my overhead lights on (at night, fluorescent lightning, basement apartment), and one with the overhead lights off. Dollhouse lights on in both cases.



You can get an idea of the lighting I have going on. I had to remove the light by the dormer because the angle of the roof didnt allow for it to sit properly. So there is one bedside lamp and the light in the dormer. Currently the sewing machine is in there because I was considering the whole craft area again for this space. However its no where near the size of space Lina deserves to craft in (although next to the bed would be great! craft, sleep, and repeat. Maybe eat and shower…Lol). So a book nook it will be!

Tuesday night around here was no more productive than Monday. I had wanted to work on wallpaper since I finally made up my mind..but much to my disappointment Nia unrolled my whole last roll of double sided tape… :(, so books again. I decided to finish up some things I started the night before (for once!). One was a introduction to sewing book for Lina. To set her in the right direction. 🙂

The Complete Guide to Sewing. In 1:12 scale.

Learning about the tools of the trade.

These pictures were taken in the roombox, which has much better lighting! Maybe because it has no roof?

I love everything that I have made so far, but I felt that somehing more modern was needed since my girls are all modern and the house is definitly modern (I honesly don’t know if I could do any other mini’s besides modern! or at least the 1900’s lol).

Womens Health, Time Magazine and Lay’s chips.

I never looked too closely at the headlines on the magazine until I was sealing it…and I think Lina took it personally.

“Does this have something to do with the Smartfood from last night?”

I’m not a fan either. I don’t see the obsession with “slim, sexy bodies” as that is not how mother nature ever intended the female body to look…We both agree TIME is more enjoyable. 😀 (However, perhaps she could get at least one issue of something girly to help find her a new hairstyle? 😉 )

TIME: The Wireless Issue. Were’s the Ipad Lina??!

I’m pretty sure that’s all I had shared before WordPress decided to take it all away. :p Hopefully tonight, if my children ever decide to let me catch a break, I might spend time into the wee hours of the morning sitting at the kitchen table finishing the stairs and wallpapering, since, you know, I got way more sleep this week than I normally do.

Talk soon! 😀


  1. Hello Momas Minis,
    I think that the mini magazines are so cute. How were you able to reduce the print to the size. I have been wanting to do that and I cannot get it right. And I love the magazine holders. Have to ask you, did you make them yourself?
    Lina was a smart girl sneaking a snack – too bad she got caught!
    I like the shabbiness and the modern look of your dollhouse. My skills at making beds and stuff like that with wood is horrible. I love the idea of the book nook! And I do not think that the light being off centered is a problem. It just adds to life’s imperfections!
    Many hugs and kisses to you,

    1. Thank-you Conny! The magazines were made with Microsoft Word. Perhaps I can do a short tutorial to share, because it is quitr easy and means you can make lots of mini printies without having to get expensive software (that is assuming that most PCs have some version of Microsoft Word!).
      I spent some time over at your blog this morning looking at Daisy’s apartment! Beautiful work in there! I really must spend more time over there peeking around. It has inspired me to make an apartment building of my own for my Blythe dolls! 🙂
      Thanks again!

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