Cross stitch win!

No fails today! Lol. Well, this didn’t happen today, it happened a few days ago, but this post isn’t about a fail, so that is exciting! (I am running behind on my posts and not working in “real time” ever since I had the technology fart with my camera a week back).

When I started my threading journey, I excessively googled for free dollhouse scale charts (a girl can dream!). There are some available at Anna Carin’s miniatures but they are 1:48 and 1:144 scale mostly, and I wasn’t sure it would transfer well onto my larger hpi canvas. (Now that I’ve said it out loud– typed it?? — I have of course changed my mind on that…Maybe they wouldn’t be too bad??). After not finding any that suited my taste (although this 1910 rug is on my “to-stitch” list, in any scale, 😀 ), I picked back up my search again the other day. I simply searched for free cross stitch patterns” on google and then went to images and surfed until I found something I liked. I can’t remember what image it was, but I was lead to this amazing website. It is full of fancy vintage names, like Sajou and Alexandre, that (I assume) are known to the cross stitch community. The owner of the site collects these books, whose copyrights are expired since they are from the late 1800s to early 1900s, then he (yes he!!) uploads the pages, cover and new updated charts that he has created himself for a more clear version. Sometimes people also volunteer to help. Great community effort! 😀

I browsed through only a small amount before I found this book of patterns which had one I believed finally fit my expectations for my first dollhouse rug.

Stickmuster-Buck Embroidery Pattern.


I love that this site shares the entire contents too. The covers are also uploaded and they could be scaled down, printed and assembled for 1:12 scale (or smaller!) embroidery scene. 🙂

I have made progress (very little) stitching the inside pattern on the left. I plan to continue the border just around this part to make my rug. SO far I am enjoying how it is turning out, even though I’ve only taken 20 minutes, LOL. I just couldn’t wait to share something that was going well. I think the size of this pattern will be a good size for a dollhouse rug! Also not sure what other colours I will use…we all know how I am when it comes to making decisions. 😀

Beginning’s of a dollhouse rug! 😀



  1. Yes, they are wonderful sites for cross stitch. Many of them can be made into pillows, rugs and pictures. They work up so quickly! I can tell that you will be finished with your rug in no time! It will be a nice addition to your dollhouse.
    Check out my other blog for some biscornu patterns. They would make nice square rugs!
    Many hugs and kisses, conny

    1. Thanks for the lead! I have added your blog to my feed and will definitley have to try some of the biscornu patterns! 🙂

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