Barbie Slippers

Not very exciting, but I had to share this now because inspiration came from Punos Mini’s giveaway.

As I showed, I am particularly interested in the shoes set she has up for grabs. So all day/night all I could think of were mini shoes. I grabbed a whole wack of supplies I thought might be useful and sat down at the drawing table (aka; my kitchen table). Might I also point out, before I share my finished work that Gord got up from bed to use the washroom while I was digging for odds and ends to make shoes. He must have thought I was going nuts because I was literally sitting with my knees by my ears crouched down rummaging thorough my treasures. He didn’t say anything though, so I guess he is getting more used to it. 🙂

Anyhoo I used ribbon and cardboard. Some canvas scraps. And now Barbie has these bad boys.


They aren’t beautiful, but they are cute and wearable! And definitely helped me to get some technical “shoe” making experience to add to my mini resume. 🙂

I have a feeling however that they might end up with Nia’s Barbie’s because they were super simple to make and a lot of hers are barefoot!

Talk soon! 😀

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