Orchid Dollhouse Bedroom Update

I ditched the eBay kit, (this would have been more obvious if I had not had troubles with my camera and kept updating on time). I will finish up the rest when I get to the areas the items might be used in (kitchen), but really I just wanted that couch finished so my dollies could have somewhere to park their bums. 🙂

I’ve been working in the Orchid bedroom, I can’t put a “percentage finished” on it yet. I worked for a few nights on this, but I feel I’ve made only a bit of progress.I still plan to so some more sanding and paint touch ups on the trim. A railing will also be placed along with the stairs. And I’d like to put another coat of satin varnish on the floors.

Can we actually take a minute to talk about the floors?….When I sanded the walls down before doing another paint wash, I was not thinking about the “dust” falling as paint, but merely wood, which I thought to myself will wipe up just fine with a damp cloth since I have already put two coats of polyurethane on. I wish I had thought more about this because when I wiped the floor, the paint dust got wet and…well, turned back into paint! O_o

See all the white?? *sigh*

Yea, so. Suggestions welcome. As always. Lol. I thought about a dark paint wash over, but I am terrified of losing the different shade effect I got by not painting over the whole floor, but painting the individual pieces. I could try a toothpick or small brush in the cracks. Not sure what will be the least risky and provide good results

Before I move on to show some “bare room” pictures. I will show you the updated lamp that will be in this room. I ended up taking the one out by the dormer because of interference with the dormer. So there is just one bed side lamp and the one hanging in the dormer (which I never noticed is just above Lina’s head if she stands…but that”s another complaint I have about myself for another post…). See lamp;

Another instagram edit. 🙂

I figure that the black will allow me to decorate a little easier than the pink ones. 🙂

And now for the barenaked room pictures;

Overall view. Lots of white in those floors!! 😦 😦

Overall View.

Love this little shelf on the dormer. 😀

I can’t think of anything else which needs to be “done” in this room as far as the skeleton goes (i.e; the house without furniture). Except for of course, the floors…and sanding some more (without ruining my floors again..) and the railing. Maybe it can have a 90% finished tag placed on it after all?

Here it is with the furniture I built placed in. (Bedding is temporary!);

Bed needs some work! All items seen here have been made by me, except the record player and Lina 😉

I love this little drawer thing ( I have no idea what it is or why I made it I just did). It might end up as a vanity? The handle is made from a bead off a vintage necklace from the old Simpsons department store.

Someone else has an eye on my favourite little drawer. Maybe she has a better idea for it than I do?

Everyone stopped by for a look. I heard bickering about who will end up with the keys to this house, but I will leave that for them to decide amongst themselves. 😉

I will be moving back to the exterior next, more stones..and chimney! 🙂



  1. Hello Rebecca,
    Try a brown crayon to see if it will cover the paint. Or you could try a fine tipped marker pen in your choice of color. If those fail – then paint floor white or just leave it. It is different. Put an area rug on top or carpet the room.
    I like the bed that you made. I also like the colored drawers that you made. Thank you for putting my giveaway on your blog.
    Many hugs and kisses, conny

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Conny! I am going to sit down and try and figure something out this week. Hopefully it works out for the better..knowing my luck though…lol.
      You are welcome for posting about your giveaway. Thank you for having one!
      Thanks for stopping in! 😀

  2. Hej
    Jeg syntes dit gulv er meget meget flot. Det giver en god virkning at der er så mange nuancer i gulvet. Jeg er fra Danmark og har måske ikke adgang til de samme produkter som du har, men hvordan har du egentlig lavet det?
    Mange hilsner
    Wyrna fra A Fairytale come true

    1. Hi Wyrna,
      The floor was made with coffee stir sticks. To get the variations in the colours, I water washed (with acrylic paint) bunches of ths sticks in different shades of brown. I then cut them and placed in a bag, and shook it up! I just laid them at random by grabbing from the bag. When they were done I sealed them with a satin varnish 🙂 Really simple! and inexpensive 😀
      Glad you like them!

  3. Hi Rebecca
    Okay so you painted them before you put them. I must try it sometime. Thanks for the idea. It’s really nice.

  4. Heather · · Reply

    I love your wood floor and the tiny seashells in the bathroom window!

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