Long Vacation Kit – Day 2

On the second night of making the contents of the eBay kit, I started with the couch. I knew I wasn’t going to use the fabric that was intended to be used,

Plaid fabirc at back was intended for the chair.

So I went in my stash and hrabbed leftover fabric from my prom dress. Yes…my prom dress. I was tempted to upload a picture of me in the dress (or the dress itself as it is still in my closet, LOL).Ā  7 Years ago I purchased this fabric and I still have scraps (and a rather large piece that could be used for another dress!), I am a hoarder by nature. It is a light cotton, simple print, small enough-ish. So I went with it.

The fabric was also thin so I grabbed an old white cotton baby shirt to cut and place underneath. Assembly was simple. Cut fabric and glue. Pearl and _____ (The redhead who still has no name) helped me out, and as someone on instagram pointed out, and it was like they were assembling furniture from IKEA. Lol


It seems a little small for 1″ scale…may be 1/2″. It measures only 1″ from ground to seat, which seems like a pretty far drop to sit down on if you are over 3 feet tall. And living in a 1:12 scale world, like Lina.

Not great quality, but the only picture I have of someone sitting in the couch! Even though, as you can imagine, they have already used it many times šŸ˜‰

So this might have to be altered or saved for another build. I also painted the iddy biddy side table black to match the chair.

I have since re-glued the table so it is not this crooked.

I assembled most of the paper printies..

Group pose! šŸ˜€

Not anything to extravagant, actually kind of horrible now that I see them up this close…lol, but I’m sure each item will look at home shoved in a corner somewhere in the Orchid kitchen. šŸ™‚

I still have one bag left full of goodies to assemble. This has the yellow hutch, coffee grinder and some other miscellaneous items that do not appear worthy of building. The other bag left is the LED lights and battery pack, which will be placed into the stash for another build (to most likely take place in 2014..lol)

Stay tuned for Day 3! Lets hope I don’t get sidetracked!



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