Long Vacation: An eBay Dollhouse Kit — Day 1

No one who is reading this and interested in dollhouses/miniatures, can say that while searching (for things they don’t need) they have not seen these dollhouse kit listings on Ebay.

They don’t look like anything special, but I decided I would like to order one anyways, just to see what it was all about. This is the”fun” thing I have been working on this week… O_O

I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be anything worth writing home about, I just figured it could help get my imagination and inspiration train off the loadig dock. I knew that everything had to be assembled from scratch so I was interested to see what kind of doo-dads I could use for what. Also, it came with an LED light, battery case, and roombox with plexglass front — those three items themselves are worth the $19.99 plus free shipping that I paid.

When I opened it, I had my little giggles at the packaging title “Long Vacation” and mispelled English words, Summer “Afternoom”.

Long Vacation

Summer Afternoom

I opened the box, and this was first view I had.



Everything was in labelled bags, and there were also instructions…in Chinese. Obviously the seller ships a lot to English speaking countries because inside the instructions was another set which had written Eng-rish translations on them. πŸ˜€

Helpers on hand!

“First of all” πŸ™‚

The glue even came in sparkly gold paper….Only in Hong Kong.

Sparkle Sparkle!

I chose to use bag “C” first, because it seemed the most interesting, and I knew I wanted to build the couch first as it was one of the things I was most interested in finding out the “technique” for. (The upholstering technique that is). This is what was in bag “C”

Fabrics. Laser cut couch peices. Wood for side table. Tiny Shells. Wire. etc.

Obviously decided very quickly that these fabrics would be heading to the stash drawer and probably not to be seen for a while…

The shells are really cute! Too bad I already have about 100 of the EXACT same mini conch shells on a broken necklace in my stash. 5 more makes me happier though πŸ˜€

A majority of the items in this box are made up of printies….disappointing because its something I could have technically done myself…if I went out and had my printer repaired,Β  bought new ink and paper.


Despite the fact that english translation is provided in the instructions, I still had a lot of swearing around my kitchen table as I tried to make as much as I could the first night. This was my completed work after too many hours later;

The goods.

I don’t plan on keeping the table this horrid burgandy colour, and I might attempt to paint the pitcher….but so far so good. Looking at the picture now I can’t believe that this took me over 2 hours to make! Especially since 50% of it is only printables that I had to cut out! LOL. Maybe it was the cutting that was so time consuming? Who knows…

I still haven’t figured out what scale it is. I am assuming 1:12 by the looks of things.

I’m hoping to complete the rest of the things that look worthy of building tomorrow night. Obviously, more pictures to come!




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