Making a Miniature Book: My first time!

I decided that the large dormer is going to be a sitting area….for now.. You know how I am with commitment.

I have no bookshelves, except for the one that was too big for the nursery roombox (which no, I haven’t finished.. >.< ). So I “bashed” some durable craft kit peices with craft sticks and made a quick bookshelf. I’ll share it when it is more beautiful. Obviously, I decided I needed a book, So I went to my thousands of bookmarks and searched my findings for a printable I would like. I found this. It is a printable book offered by True2Scale. I was disappointed to find out my colour ink is running low, and I also had cream cardstock..but I think both worked to my advantage to create this antique book.

I knew that it had to open because the beautiful pages but I could not figure out how to make it to have the page numbers on all of the top right corners. I finally decided it wasn’t possible because all the images have the page number on the same side and there is no way to make it appear on the right side unless upside down. So, anyways, I ended up cutting the corresponding pages and gluing them together. I cut two peices for the cover and then wrapped it in a green canvas material I have had in my craft supplies since I was a young child (see Mom, I knew I’d use it! Lol!). I cut two more peices to cover the canvas fringes which hung over onto the inside. I suppose I’ve picked and prodded enough at books while bored in class or trying to do homework during my 18 years of education to figure out how to make the cover but I still would like to know how to bind a book! But that will be for another night. 🙂

I have no WIP pictures. 😦 but here is the final product!

Let’s all take the time to ignore my fingernail! It could look more horrible, but I there was no waiting until after I got a manicure to take these pictures…because that would probably never happen! LOL

It is a little large for the average book. Measuring, 1.5″ tall and 7/8″ wide (the spine is 1/4″). But I like to imagine that its like one of those large reference books that you aren’t allowed to check out of the library. 😀

Lina also seemed to enjoy it. She almost seems happier with it in her hands! (literally, her expression looks different to me! Call me crazy! Lol)

Thanks for visiting today! 🙂

P.s. My 40th Post!! 😀


One comment

  1. Hi Beck. First time I knew you had a blog. How do I get back to # 1, so I can read all 40 in the right order? Just might be more fun to read them as you progress. Am amazed by your patience, and love the things you are creating. This seems to be growing out of your interest in architecture. You’re making great pieces! Hugs, Grandma D.
    P.S. I’d love to see some of your handiwork the next time we visit.

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