Bedroom furniture

I realized right now, I am not the greatest at coming up with blog post names….but I am not sure who I am trying to impress so I don’t think it matters. Lol.

With not much able to be done on the Orchid until I have those stairs cut…. I have easily been sidetracked by many projects this week (more posts to come!) the first was bedroom furniture. I did this because the room is close to being finished and I wanted to place some furniture in so I can get a better idea of what is going to fit.

I started with the dura craft kit dresser. I might have previously mentioned I am not a fan of the dura craft furniture. It’s too 80s for me. Reminds me of bad furniture or used to see around friends pick phouses as a child. Also, it lack realism. Anyhoo, I did some cutting here and there, added some craft sticks of various sizes and ended up with this;



What you see here is not finished (like everything I ever make…O_o) but it will be one day, I just got sidetracked making the rest of the set….which I also have yet to finish… (That means commitment and decisions…I’m a Gemini. This doesn’t work)


I (of course) cannot decide what to put on the top of the bed posts. I will most likely do something simple, but I considered crystals at one point…perhaps that is toooo diva? (I don’t think that is possible for Lina!!)




Bedding is temporary. I am not sure if this set will ever make it out of the roombox. I stare at the Orchid bedroom now, and I wonder…where am I going with this?? lol. I really have to try and stick to one vision! But again, this is hard for a Gemini…lets not even talk about how many times I will have redone some rooms… O_o

I will eventually finish up here, but Lina was eager to see something other than the ugly brown bed she had been sleeping in.




She also was impressed that I took the time to take away the overwhelmingly teal colour that the roombox had once been. The pictures don’t really show it well, but it is a very dark plum colour. Much more sophisticated. 🙂

It didn’t take long for her to snuggle up;


I can’t get over how sad she sometimes looks, I need to find something that could brighten her day!!
Until next time!



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  1. I demand better post titles! j/k as long as they make it easy for you to find your stuff, that’s what matter (just my opinion, and because I lack clever titles as well).

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