Orchid Bedroom Update

It’s almost done! 🙂 🙂

Over the past few days, I managed to get the rest of the paneling in. I also finished gluing down and sealing the floors.

Here’s a peek!


The room is a light ivory, made by mixing ivory and white together… Lol, Simple. I wanted something lighter to  keep the room neutral so that I can play around with the colour palette on the lamps.


You might also notice that I continued the floor into the dormer instead of making it into a day bed or seat as I have seen in some Orchid dollhouses.

I measured it and it is tall and wide enough for someone to stand in the middle at least. I am considering placing the sewing machine here,


…but it will most likely end up in the attic room I have planned for the second story of the addition.


Other potential uses for this area;

– Dressing area

– Sitting area/Book Nook

– Would also make a cute place for a cradle if Lina ever meets the right guy and decides to procreate.

Whatever it ends up, I’m super happy I planned in the extra space. You might remember from this post that there is also a light wired in the very top. So there is ample lighting….to sew or read….hmm.

Anyhoo, still to come for the bedroom;

– A step into the little area in larger dormer. To come with other stairs…

– Baseboards. I need a miter box.

– Fixing that one panel on the bottom that is out of line (see it? Bottom right. Had to make sure you know I know it’s there!)

– Trim repaint in cream.

– Railing for stairs, but that will most likely come as the stairs do.

– That electrical hazard of a light!

– more sanding on the edges of the large dormer

As I go along, I may or may not make furniture. I have the bed and side tables from the dura craft kits. But they are not to my liking. I more see those kits as things to “bash” or just plain peices of wood already cut into convenient sized peices.

Until next time, 🙂

** I noticed after posting that my pictures aren’t as great as I thought! I guess the one downside to switching back to WordPress is that I don’t have to force myself to edit pictures, I just upload the ones that look good from my phone….Maybe that should change?  😀 **

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