Making Dollhouse Lamps

I ordered some extremely cheap lights off of eBay.

They cost me less than 5$ combined including shopping. I wasn’t expecting much BUT the seller accidentally sent me two different lights, AND one was bent.. O_o

Also, they are off scale, so I had to come up with a way to salvage them.

Enter pliers.

After removing the bent one from the package, I tried to bend it back, and was successful. Knowing that the lights were in a bendable tube, I figured I would be able to break off the bottom make new lamps….somehow.

It was actually really easy and after wiggling pliers around, I ended up with this.

Now I just had to figure out how to cover the pole and obvious mangled-ness. I had to think hard about all the mini lamps I have seen and visited my dollhouse pin board to find any ideas I had “pinned” away.  I found a pin from Otterine’s blog about DIY lights. I refreshed my memory, and I went to my bead stash. I didn’t find anything to my standards, of course, lol, so at the dollar store I picked up these.

I liked both, but the pink ones were favoured by Lina. 🙂

In my stash I also found these random beads I have been hoarding since about age 10, (yes, you read that right).

Of course I only had two of these, so they really are going to be OOAK lights!

I painted the pieces gold.

Then fed wire through the bead.

By luck, the holes for the strings were on the sides of these rouned beads I used on the bottom. Maybe this is common knowledge for those who often use circular beads like this? I honestly didn’t know and only noticed the hole as I was trying to figure out how to carve a groove to help the lamp sit level on the wire. It caught my eye as a place the gold paint hadn’t hit! 😀

Anyhow I was able to easily feed the wire through this hole to make the lamp stay level.

I added a dot of crazy glue to help hold, and voila!

Then came the fun part, the shades… At this point, I was tired and I really just wanted something simple that would do “for now” that would be removable later when I start to get to the actual decorating of this room.

I tried using Otterine’s method she used in the post I mentioned above, but I did not have the right
type of jewelry findings on hand.

I brainstormed for a while and remembered how one of my other lights has a peice of clear plastic glued inside the shade that rests below the bulb to hold the shade in place.

Using this as inspiration, I cut two peices of plastic from a piece of packaging in our recycling bin. I then used transparent-ish (or what’s the other word, opaque?…is it that? Lol) decorative paper to ensure the light would be able to shine through. Then I rested the shades on the lamps without glue, so that I can change them later. Test. Check. All good 🙂

The one on the side by the large dormer is quite awkward in the angled roof…and I may have wired it in with an exposed wire (it was really late ok!?! O_o ). It will have to have a different shade, and will for sure have to come out to have the exposed wire dealt with. It might even stay out all together if I can’t get it looking pretty! Maybe solder a new wire to inside so it’s hidden? I’m liking that idea!

Lina noticed them and immediately dragged out some unfinished furniture and set up a temporary layout.

Instagram ❤

It seems to work! But that furniture has got to go..that will come after I finish paneling the entire bedroom…and the floors…and..oh how there is still so much to do!!!
More to come! 🙂



  1. Lamp is adorable, how did you get your shade to attach?

    1. Hi Kim! to attach the shades I cut a circular peice of transparent plastic (much like what you may use for a dollhouse window, the plastic found in most packaging). In the middle of the circle I cut another smaller circle to sit on the lightbulb in the centre. I glued the transparent circle into the shade and it just sits on top!

      I hope that makes sense! lol any more questions just ask!:)

      1. That’s simple, and brilliant! Mini thanks. 🙂

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