Another dress for Lina

Time for a little fashion talk! Doll style.:)

When Lina first arrived to me, ahe had on a beautiful green dress;

We still have it , but she has since removed to wait for a more fancy occasion.

I whipped her up a quick purple one I show in this post, and can be seen on her here.

But then that wasn’t enough. A couple of weeks ago, I caught her red handed, one hand on the iPad the other with a needle. She was literally sewing her own dress while sitting!!

Poor girl. If she had made it clear to me she needed something new, I certainly would have made something. 🙂

Her attempt was nice. She had a vision that ended up making her seem younger than she feels, so she wants something new again…Plus she may have sewed the skirt too tight considering it was made of elastic and her bum was (literally) squishing our the back and it wouldn’t allow her to sit. Too tight! Silly Lina..

She did end up in this dress for a few days until I stripped her naked (*gasp*) to study her in attempt to make my own ball jointed doll. A whole other post I’ll get to later.

So. Naked Lina just wasn’t right, and during one of my trips to the dollar store I kept my eye out for anything with a tiny print that might be suitable to rework into something for her to wear.

I found a hair pin that was a ruffled flower packed full of tiny tulle and itty bitty flower print. It screamed Lina’s name! (So did many others, but I try to limit my budget!)

When home, children tucked into bed, I set out the items I thought I would need and set to work.
As I suspected the flower was only held together with hot glue. So I put it in thr microwave for a minute and peeled it apart with (very) little difficulty. I assumed, and was right that the material in the microwave would be ok since my heating pad goes in there and not to mention we all use dryers to dry our clothes!! 😀

I ended up with all this;

Sorry for the horrible picture! O_o

I measured her waist with a ribbon. I cut the centre out of one of the pre cut flowers and started to hand sew it to the ribbon. Afterwards I attached a small piece to the top, then covered it with a ribbon and some tulle to hide any ugliness thqt might be hiding 😉

I love it. I’d wear it if it came size! It looks amazing with her original frizzy wig too

Instagram ❤

Lina also has no complaints about this….For once! Or should I say so far? 🙂

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  1. Kathryn Rubidoux · · Reply

    Great idea to use that pin, it makes a great doll dress. I have a doll on order; I can’t wait to start making clothes for it.

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