Bye-Bye Bathroom…

Let’s all take a moment to
     a) remember that this is my first dollhouse build and;
     b) to mourn the premeditated loss of the bathroom…which was approx. 70% complete.

Why you ask? Because I suck.

Well, I don’t suck. I feel like I suck, but its not “sucking” that I am, its practice. I must remember (again) that this is my first time, and most likely won’t be my last.

So. The real story behind the bathroom.

I went to finish the bedroom, since I thought it was the next logical room to complete. I decided on wood paneling using jumbo sized craft sticks cut to size. I did the entire room, got to my tapewire line and stopped, figuring that I would now attach the lights through the next craft stick and to the tape wire…. I went to get my hand drill, lined it up…and went,  

“oh for F&^#%&^, are you F%!@ing kidding me!!!!!” O_O. Because yea, I don’t exactly want to drill through my wainscoting! Or bathtub!! This would be the case if I were to attach the lights like this…I could drill holes and peel back double sided tape to lift the wainscoting away (which I have in the light closest to the back opening…But I cannot do that near the tub because there is no way to remove the tub without actually removing the tub. I’m too scared to feed wires through without seeing the other side because I wouldn’t be able to see if wires were touching and I don’t want a short circuit.

So. Yea.

Also…the more I thought about attaching lights, I realized, below the bathroom is the kitchen area, which has no lights installed (or even bought for that matter) so I still need to drill 4 more holes and feed 4 more wires up into the bathroom area.

Someone tell me why again I thought it was that the bathroom could be the first room to be “completed”?? 

Bye-Bye bathroom. It was nice knowing you. I never really liked you that much anyways.

Fresh start I suppose…. 🙂

One comment

  1. Huge Hugs, we've all been there. You're right the next setup will be even better.

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