Mission Bathroom — 70% complete

Well…sticking to one room really helped me to accomplish something! I may, or may not, stick to this method. Regarding mission bathroom…It’s pretty close to finished. I’d say abut 70% complete (as noted in the title ;))

I changed the stone floor from the last post to one more similar to the stone that is on the exterior of the house;

I like the idea of it, but I don’t like the way that it turned out. I didn’t dry brush enough. Then after already sealing it I realized that I really didn’t like it. So I went at it again with a brush, dry brushing…hoping to get the effect I was looking for….. but I never did. 😦

The bathtub surrounding stone is a lot more to my liking…but still not what I had imagined in my head.

It will do though, no choice really!

I always get so finicky about the way things are turning out. If you have noticed I change my mind a lot when it comes to decor. I blame this on 12+ years of playing the Sims. Within that game, I mainly only ever built houses, and I was able to quickly build something different or change something if I wanted to. This is not the case with dollhouses! I mean, you can change them, but not as frequently….and you can only have so many (1:12 scale dollhouses) in a 2 bedroom basement apartment! O_o

So I am learning to settle with things as they are. I am also reminding myself this is my first time doing most of this, with time, practice and lots of patience (swearing?), I will get better and have results that are more to my personal standards (which are apparently are pretty high!!)

Anyways, back to the bathroom..

I am going to change the floor..I am not sure how yet. If I rip up this floor, the double sided tape is most likely going to rip up my tapewire and then my light wouldn’t work…and then I’d have to rip up the wainscoting and wallpaper and…. Well…that’s not good.

So, I need to find a way to cover this or fix (if possible) this floor.

I can handle the bathtub.

But I am wondering if I should continue the stone upwards to ceiling and hang a rod and curtain and make a shower/tub as well? This.might help make the room seem less…angular??…. probably not so I should just leave it be.

I made a little faucet, soap and dish for the bath. I haven’t glued down the faucet yet, because I am not sure I like it? Not surprising!! 🙂 🙂 I still need to touch up the bathrtub paint as well.

I threw a few other accessories in just to spice it up a bit for now.

Most of the furniture is in the making. Like this horrible toilet that I have sanded quite a few times (but apparently not enough…). I will need to sand and paint more to try and get that “wood” look away.

I am using the Greenleaf master bathroom kit, and as I was building some peices I decided that isn’t what I want in this room….or any for that matter. Its not realistic enough for me. Its too “dollhouse-y” and I want more “miniature-y”. Does that make sense? I have an idea for a sink. Something along the lines of this;

Round Bowl Sink

So now I am on the hunt for an appropriate size/shaped plastic packaging that will help me to achieve this. I have considered attempting to scuplt one, but I would at least like to have something to mould it from…I am even tempted to scour the dollarstore and buy something just for the packaging! (this is normal right?!!??)

The light is also back and glued in place! Solder fixes all 🙂

Now, I need to decide how to (preferably make) new floors..or fix mine. Then I can put in baseboards. I also need to decide what I am doing with the bathtub. Do some lots of paint touch ups…. Make a sink. Then I will accessorize! The part I am dying for! Here is an overall shot of the room;

I will revisit the bathroom to finish up once I have let it settle a bit. I need to stare at it some more before I can fully decide on how to make my flooring fit my personal standards. For now, I will move on to another room, I think the living room. The stairs that need to go in are holding up a lot of the build. I am pretty sure I am going to change the colour of this room too, but more on that to come! 🙂

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