Mini knitting: Lesley’s Miniature’s Knitting Kit

As you know, I crafters have a tendency to get sidetracked. Also, April recently started to learn Crochet, in big and small. This also inspired me to get into some more thread like, ravelry worthy crafting. (Thanks April! :)).

So, while I was taking a break from the Orchid, and also catching up on Lost (TV show) episodes on Netflix, I decided to open a knitting kit I ordered from Lesley’s Miniature Knitting. I had the intention to knit these items for Lina, substituting with different colours, and when I got them home I realized they are legit mens patterns. Which doesn’t mean the styles won’t suit Lina….(with some black tights?) but the sizes won’t. le sigh. I will have to do some figuring out on that one.

Anyways, here is the kit. It was approx $13 (eBay score!) and it came with 4 (man-ly) colours of yarn and size 18 metal needles.

I have knit before. In fact before I had my (almost) 6 month old, knitting was pretty much my only hobby. My grandma used to be an enthusiastic knitter when I was younger. Now she quilts, but thankfully I was able to learn the basics from her at a young age. This has paid off in the past year since I have picked up some needles! When my grandma heard I had taken up the hobby, she sent a bag of wool. So with this, I practiced a lot, and even completed a few things. Mostly basic dish cloths and one simple cloth diaper cover (which was pink and a week later I found out I was having a BOY!).

So since I have had this recent practice in “large”/”normal” scale, I figured I could skip the step April did where she crocheted an entire afghan, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get into it again on the smaller scale…right? …. O_o

Actually it wasn’t even that bad! Casting on was a breeze! 🙂 (Please excuse my dirty fingernail…that is dried blood from a BAD exacto knife accident….you might even be able to see the slice..yet another reason why I was taking a little break from the big build!!)

It was the actual stitches where I got all swear-y and such. I decided to start the first 4 rows with a simple rib stich, K1 P1. Nothing too fancy. Then after I continued up using a stockinette stitch. I read in the instructions that if you drop a stitch in this small of scale of knitting that it is usally better off to start over than attempt to grab it. Well….as much as I am typically a stickler for instructions/rules etc., in this case, I *did* attempt to pick up dropped stiches (and did it with some success too!) and sometimes when I couldn’t get them, I just carried on.

It’s not bad considering I have dropped about 4 mm in needle size and I do not own a magnifying glass of any sort to help me with my minis (this will be changing soon!!). I am not sure what this will become…or if it will even stay, I might not cast it off and just unravel it when the yarn is done. I want to make sure I get a feel for the needles, yarn, building tension on this scale and etc., I am not worried about “producing” anything, just want to get the practice. It’s already addicting! I have been looking all over for how to adapt patterns to 1:12 scale. I am sure it is possible, and when I do find out it might be dangerous because there are a lot of free patterns out there! Not to mention all the books my Grandma still has stashed away from when this was her hobby.

Hopefully this shouldn’t keep me from the Orchid for too long! 🙂



  1. Ouch that cut brings back a few nasties I've had along the way. Wow, look at you go! Lina will be stylin' in those colors, they're neutrals you can't go wrong. Maybe throw a belt or some jewelry on her to girl it up 😀 The patterns says mans, so does that just mean the body is more square than fitted? That might make it easier to dress and change her.

  2. Definitely a little more square! I actually cast on the amount of stitches required for the front of one of the patterns! It seems super large for Lina, lol. But I am sure that I can do some tension and stitch calculating along with some measurements of Lina and I might be able to make a pattern of my own!!…mind you, most things I think will end up amazing…don't, lol. 🙂 Thanks April for stopping by to look! I can't wait to see updates on your mini crochet projects (and future craft room companions ;))

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