Mission: Bathroom

I was lacking motivation for a few days. The whole process  of making minis seemed overwhelming. After pondering how I could make it work better, I rearranged the furniture in our house. And now I have everything dollhouse/craft related tucked away in the corner, where our kitchen table used to be, and I moved the kitchen table…to the centre of the kitchen…where it should be. LOL. It had never made it there because in the 2.5 years we have lived in this apartment we have only had enough chairs to actually SIT at the table for the past 3 months….and during those months, my dollhouse was taking up all the eating space.

It’s sad it really is. But, now it has changed. šŸ™‚ My dollhouse stays on my craft table, and I do my work on the CLEAN kitchen table, and I only bring out WHAT I NEED at that time. I find this works a lot better for me because I don’t start getting sidetracked and working on a million other things. This is usually the case when I have the whole house in front of me.

To get more motivated about finishing, and less stressed out about what I have left to do. I thought hard about what room has the possibility of being “finished” without me having to spend any more money. The winner for that was the bathroom. Its pretty simple. I have the furniture kits, I have the moldings/baseboards/wainscoting…and light…

“Mission: bathroom” has commenced. I’m hoping to just work/blog about the single rooms until they are finished….perhaps this will keep me from feeling too overwhelmed with everything that is left. I will be able to get more done focusing on one thing at a time (i.e., finishing the floors) than thinking of all the things that need to be done and picking one of those things to do. Does that even make sense? I’m not sure because I’m kind of rambling….the point is.

One room. Until its finished. No wandering elsewhere. Also. Only pictures of the room I am “in” at the time, this way when I come back to visit my pictures/blog, I’ll have a better understanding and visual of the actual progress I have made rather than obsessing on how far I still have to go (I vote at least another year?).

SO. On that note, here is what I have been up to the past few days in the bathroom…..

Orginally, this room had been painted. I laid down my tapewire. Tried painting over it and didn’t like it…I probably tried about 4 colours too…none of them were appealing to me. I looked over at the bedroom wallpaper…and something told me…that should be in the bathroom. So I cut templates and put in the wallpaper…..

and now I am not even sure if I like it? Plus, who puts wallpaper in a bathroom? Wouldn’t it just peel?? I considered painting over it…but I am worried about the wallpaper would curl because its not glued, only double sided tape holding it down? I also feel like this would be a waste of nice paper and then what would I put in the bedroom?…..why is this so complicated??

I decided on stone floors. I am still debating on the colour scheme…and I can’t really decide until I choose the wall colour…but one thing I do know, is I’m going to surround the bath area with stone and attempt to make a tiled bath/shower area….

Even just trying to talk about it is still overwheming me! Mainly due to decor issues…

I did have the one light installed and working, but then I realized it was too close to the bathtub/shower idea I’m dreaming up. So I moved it, and I guess the wire had too much poking and proding….because it broke. šŸ˜¦

There must be a way to rewire, I am just not motivated to figure out how yet. Soon I will….

Anyhoo, here’s to hoping I have something to show for all the late nights I have had. šŸ™‚ Right now I look and think….what have I accomplished? besides my stonework, archway, addition, lower level floors and tapewiring….not much, (ok, that actually sounded like a lot, LOL.)

’til next time!



  1. I like the paper & paint combo in there, but it's your house šŸ™‚

  2. I took it out….then I realilzed I couldn't save it for the bedroom anyways, so back to the bathroom it went!! Seeing your comment definitely helped to reassure me that I was making the right decision. šŸ™‚

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