Weeks Worth of Mini Updates!!

It has now gotten to that point where those posts I said I have waiting in draft…..are obsolete. LOL. I hate when that happens. I thought I liked blogger more, but it prevents me from updating on the go because it doesn’t insert photos into posts well with the Android app…It’s annoying… (CAN YOU HEAR ME BLOGGER???)

Here is everything I have been up to for the past (week?) while that I haven’t posted. Be prepared to sit for a while, lots of pictures along the way, hope I can keep you entertained for the trip!

I finally added the lights to the quarter scale cottage. I also took the time to try and make some sort of way for the little people to get from the first floor to the second. Being a really small house, stairs were not an option, So I opted for a ladder. Here you can see Esmerelda testing out her balance on the ladder.

The lights are also on in these pictures, but so was my overhead light, so you can’t tell, LOL. Maybe I shouldn’t take my pictures at 1 a.m. because I don’t really think. πŸ˜‰ You will also notice that the ladder isn’t the best of things. But after struggling, and realizing that this house is so small, I decided it didn’t need a perfect ladder. It just needed a ladder. So I settled. I will save the struggle to build a perfect quarter scale ladder when I have a house that seems more worth it. πŸ™‚

On the note of the extreme small-ness of this house, I have been researching a lot of super small houses while I have been building this house because it is SO TINY, but I want it to still be realistic. I love this site, kanga room systems. They build small living and office spaces and have some inspiring pictures for this project! (The link above is to their gallery)

Other inspiration is coming from this small space I found on pinterest one night;


Can you imagine living in a space this small??!! Esmerelda can’t because she is a very very hefty woman. She is over 6′ tall when you convert the scale. She wants to move somewhere more accomodating to her figure. So I started working on someone else who might want to live in the cottage…

Above is “no name”, standing on the second level of the cottage. Notice that she is also pretty tall…But I’m getting there right!??! I’ve only made two dolls in this size! πŸ™‚

Also, the left side of this level is super tiny, converts to something like 2.5’…sooo there is crawling involved for her, or whoever resides here. The doll has no name, or hair, or shoes, but she will eventually, and hopefully she will be happy living in this cozy cottage!! You can also see the effects of the light here, and you might notice I still have to make one more section of the roof so that I can finish attaching the light..

After fiddling in the smaller scale for a few days, I noticed Lina in her roombox…looking awfully lonely and neglected.

So I brought her down to work on some 1:12 scale stove and fridge kits I had bought at Model Builders Supply (MBS). As you can see I had everything ready, and she sat on the (wooden unfinished..) couch and supervised while surfing on her iPad.


I was not really impressed with these kits. They were flimsy and I got more super glue on my hands than on the actual peices…but, they only cost me a combined $6. For that I can’t really complain… after two days of struggling. I ended up with this.

I don’t think they look that bad. If one were to pick them up and examine more closely they might think otherwise. But for now they do. I have lost the tiny chips of plastic intended for the burners, but one was broken anyways, so I am currently looking for an alternative.
After placing them in the house, I heard Lina mumbling something about how she only ever gets to see her house (her roombox is directly across the room) but she never actually gets to go in it. To stifle complaints. I brought her down to show her (how little) work I have done on the house. She came in to the kitchen, admired her non-working, non-opening appliances and had to point out to me that the stove always reads 6:30.

She wants to know if this means she will always be cooking dinner? Or breakfast? I told her not to worry. One day, she will have proper appliances, but for the time being…(until she or I get a job at least..), beggars can’t be choosers. LOL.

She sat in the bay window for a bit….admired the blank wall.

While she looked around she thought about how nice it will be one day to have a garden and perhaps even scenery to look at out the window, and I couldn’t agree more.

She also went ahead and made a huge decor dilemma disappear. No teal wallpaper in the dining room. When I first started with the kitchen area, I envisioned it as an eat in kitchen. But then I ended up keeping a side from the original bay window to create a support, and the doorway type entry to the dining area. So when this room was all one room, it made sense to have the wallpaper flow through. Now I am thinking, or have decided rather, with the help of Lina of course, that this room shall be less intense, and the teal paper shall only stay in the actual kitchen/cooking area.

I briefly showed Lina the upstairs. And all she could do was sit there like this…

I couldn’t decide if she is sarcastically clapping for a job well done…or telling me to hurry up.

I ended her tour with a sit on the front porch. Which is the most “finished” area of the house I believe. It still needs the door hung, a bench needs to be placed and a front step as well, but that list is small in comparison to other areas of the house. Either way, Lina looks stunning sitting out front.

I couldn’t be happier….well, maybe if Lina wasn’t as limited in her mobility. I noticed while posing her that maybe her strings are too tight (?) so she doesn’t stand straight or do much well but sit. It’s as if she always wants to curl in a ball. This is saddening because I had envisioned a lot more posing and standing….and riding of vespa (which by the way, she can’t even sit on because her strings won’t allow it). So I might be back on the hunt for a Heidi Ott doll….we will have to wait and see.

After all our adventures in the house, I put Lina back in her bed that she always sits in (in her roombox in a shelf above my work space). And I noticed that I had been shoving way too much into her poor little space.

 There is even some cooky looking cat on her night stand….

 Initiate face palm; 

So I took the time to clean for her;

Nothing special but she says she is happy as long as she can walk across the floor, which is usually what I say in my own house, so I get it. I left her with the iPad and told her to get on pinterest for more design inspiration.

And that is all. LOL. My plans for now are to put together some furniture kits that I have so I can place the bathroom properly and glue the upstairs wall, then I will be able to continue my tapewiring. I have a large list of things to pick at and my objective is really just to stay focused and complete SOMETHING.

Because, as we all know, I am a great starter of projects….but don’t dare ask me to finish anything!!
I mean honestly! What have I ever finished…..???? **turns head to look at work space**… NOTHING. Its all UFO’s!!

I did manage to make, complete and sell a quarter scale kitchen mixer kit?

I was actually surprised when someone wanted to purchase it, only because I have never had someone pay me for something that I have made. But it is super cute and UBER TINY, so I really hope the lady who purchased it from me loves it as much as I did! Also, on that note, for anyone who makes stuff and sells it, do you not just DIE wanting to know where your creations end up? Do people send pictures to the artists to show them? I wonder…(on that note, perhaps I should send a link along to Lina’s doll maker for my blog, as she might be curious to know what the little diva has been up to!!)

Until next time! (week? lol)
All the best,



  1. I quit smoking without too much trouble, but Pinterest just might kill me, I love it so hard!The cooky kitty and facepalm pics made me bust out laughing πŸ™‚ Also, I think the appliances turned out much better than you give yourself credit for, they're cute πŸ™‚

  2. Everything is adorable!!

  3. I'm glad you liked the facepalm pics. When I showed them to DH he gave me that look like "O_O…..why do you play with dolls?". He doesn't get the humor in it πŸ™‚ And I can't complain much about the appliances, just have to make sure I photograph them right and make sure no one picks it up for closer inspection! lol πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks Audra! πŸ™‚

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