Just a lost soul

You’d probably laugh if you were to have seen me today/tonight and my thought/work process. I was all over the place. If I hadn’t actually accomplished something I would call it a waste of time.
But I actually got a lot done!

I somehow dove into hanging lights today? I think I started because I wanted to put my living room wall paper down so I could start making my stairs. I wanted to make sure the upper tape run was working… so I had to finish connecting the “T”‘s in the tape that I had already connected because, yes, I get that sidetracked, (it was the coach lights that started everything I’ve been doing lately remember!!??!). So I connected tape runs and got the light I had planned for the big dormer installed… on the tapewire. I still have yet to permanently attach it.

I also left some blood behind on the dollhouse as a memory of hard work. I stabbed my finger with the hand drill. No big deal, everyone is ok. I actually only thought it was a little prick, until I saw the blood on the piece of wood that is hanging the light. It will be covered in the end, so just another memory of hard work. 🙂

After installing this light I started to wallpaper the living room so I could add my socket. I wanted to do this after the paper was in so that there wouldn’t be any seams in the wallpaper. I had never thought about using sockets, but they came as a part of the electrical lot I got off of eBay. I am glad I used one though because it leaves the option open to change the lights if I ever feel that is necessary. 🙂

 I have plans for both lamps….one day. lol, but rest assured that they will not end up in the house like this!!

 I originally installed the socket, and missed the tapewire. Thank goodness I had used double sided tape, because I was able to pull up and see where I had missed it. I used my “accident” hole as a guide for the next time. Gord was with me while I was doing this and he insisted that he help me. Of course he put it in crooked….O_o I’d rather do stuff myself sometimes because I hate having to blame anyone!!! But this is especially frustrating for my OCD. At the same time, you cannot notice unless you look directly on, which is impossible unless you use a camera. It will also be hidden  by a couch and doesn’t look noticeable from the side. I don’t care for it to be noticeable, but I do like these to scale sockets because they add more “wow” factor. (“Wow! look at the mini socket and plug behind the couch!!”)

I’ve taken a break from the stonework. It’s getting too repetitive and boring, so I plan on picking at it slowly…

I also snapped a quick and crooked picture of the coach lights on;

Well anyways, lots has been done, but still LOTS to do!! After I had the lights in….I sat for almost an hour before deciding to just go to bed. I am at that point again where my focus is scattered and I am looking too much at the big picture and not actually getting anything done.

I want to sit down with my oversized graph paper and draw some sort of mind-map of everything I have planned for the Orchid. Maybe that way I can get my focus back to the whole “one step at a time” approach and I won’t be so overwhelmed!

Baby is napping and toddler is out with Daddy…I think it’s time to map out some creative processes! )



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