Orchid Archway and Some Other Mini News

No finished stone yet… The whole teething baby thing. I’m going to have to invest in an amber teething necklace if I ever want to mini for the next year or so. O_o

I have finished a lot considering the circumstances. I decided against any fancy stonework pretty much anywhere, lol. There will be a bit in the archway, but more just uniformity, not so much a design or pattern or etc.

I also decided to stick with grey tones for the stonework. I am anxious to eliminate the browns and pinks because I really don’t like them! But that will have to wait a bit. Until I am at least finished putting the stones down…who knows when that wil ever happen!

I now have to decide what to do with the two small dormers. I think I might do siding up there in a cream colour like the rest of the trim. I don’t think stones up there make sense structurally, and as you might have noticed I am a realist when it comes to mini’s (at least with the houses I have done so far…except maybe the toddler’s house)

I also have to shingle the roof. I am undecided if I should use the orginial Orchid kit shingles, or if I should experiment with sandpaper shingles….I suppose I will have to spend some time surfing the web for some inspiration photos. This far, I’m not going to lie, I haven’t even been paying attention to any of the shingles on any of my inspiration photos, so I don’t even have the slightest of ideas. 

In 1/48 scale news, Gord finally finished the lights for me, but now I have been too consumed in the Orchid to work on it. My Mum also hasn’t been by again for a craft night because she is now back to work! (happy for her after a long run of unemployment, but sad for me and my mini-est house).

Now I will do another photo dump. I don’t really have much else to share! It’s just been a lot of stonework around here. I keep thinking I want to make some furniture from the kits I have stashed around…but I figure there isn’t much point yet! I have been using most of the inside of the Orchid to store random supplies I need on hand to work on the exterior. I suppose all that will calm down when its all finished on the outside.

Cue photodump;


 Here’s to hoping that the weekend brings a lot of productivity! 🙂



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