Laying the Orchid stones

Well, it turns out, like most dollhouse related things, that egg carton stones don’t happen in one night. Or at least not for me. I am pretty sure that my 4.5 month old is starting that whole I-am-teething-but-never-going-to-get-a-tooth thing that most babies do. Because he has been beyond fussy the past few nights. So when the toddler goes to sleep, I still can’t do any work on the Orchid because I’m trying to figure out why my baby is so sad!

I have managed to finish some more stonework. Pretty much eeverything on the original house. I still have to put some details over the windows, and I am now trying to finish the other side where the extension is. Then I can do the entry way. I am waiting to do this last so that I can paint everything at once. I don’t want to paint and then attach the entry way and finish later. I know I will not be able to access the inside corners once it’s glued on. Also, I don’t want to finish the big front dormer until the entry is attached so that there is a seamless transition. Paint plays a role in this because I don’t want to end up with different shades or whatnot over the house.

As far as colour goes too, I am really not sure what I want this house to look like…darker stone like this? (and the other inspiration picture in this post)

 Or do I want lighter stone like this…

Or like this?…

When I picked up a friend yesterday we went on a very very slow drive down her street because a lot of houses with stonework are (coincidentally) being built. I tried to get inspiration and spent time looking at the corners and edges of the house to try and get a better idea of how I was going to finish the stone on my house, and also to make sure what I had already done wasn’t completely wrong. I also looked for designs over all the archways and windows, as well as the grouting (if it was visible, if my house would need it.

I realized every house was different. Figures. Some didnt even have any designs over windows. (this is what I mean by “design” by the way);

Some were just simply stone laid together like this;

So the conclusion I came to was pretty much what I had got from extensive googling. Lol . But still fun none the less because we went down some different streets with many inspiring houses. Well worth the time. 🙂

I will leave you with some pictures of the stonework. Hopefully soon I will be posting pictures of the finished stone! 🙂


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