It all started with a coach lamp…

After laying in my electrical through the living area, I decided the next logical steps would be to wallpaper, install the stairs, and the second story floors. Good thing I checked out how to wire a dollhouse coach light before I did this, because I realized it would be necessary to get this wiring done before the wallpaper.

It’s funny how you always think you are getting ahead, but then you suddenly realize you are falling behind. This happens only to me in the miniature world…and cleaning my house (I have two children under 3, so that’s expected!).

So I went to hang my light. While positioning it with tape, I thought to myself that it would make a lot more sense if my exterior were finished first….  o_O

I started to get ready to cut my siding….when the house suddenly yelled out to me that it was in fact a stone cottage. I am very thankful it was nice enough to let me know about this before I had made any effort on the siding. Today I had the toddler help me start to paint egg carton to lay as stone…this might take a while! Even if I do it on my own!!

Not to mention as I was ripping the stone I thought…the roof and porch should probably go on because I don’t want too much variation in my stonework (if I do some now and rest later for example.). Well my porch was supposed to have a swing. But I sadly realized as I was gluing roof and etc that I cannot accommodate for it. 😦 but since I already have the kit, Im going to make use of it somehow in the house.

I really wish I had glued the house back together after I unglued it, (to refresh, I originally had glued with hot glue, which you shouldn’t do. So I had to unglue sand and reassemble…). Mind you, had I glued it immediately, perhaps I would not be where I am today as far as my “vision” is concerned.

It feels good to be making progress at least! I will hopefully have pictures tomorrow (uploading pictures from my phone is the only reason why I miss WordPress. For some reason the  blogger app won’t let you insert them into the post. )

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