…what challenge?

I actually can’t complete my own challenge because all my UFO’s….are finished. Ok…except a few clay things that need to be finished.

I had to get back to the Orchid. Looking at it sitting there so….unfinished, is not working for me. I actually have to leave my house in order to be able to focus on life other than dollhouses. Probably because the Orchid sits on my kitchen table. Front and centre from every angle of my house. Hard not too obsess.

Wiring the house is/was intimidating me. But after some consolidation from the wonderful Greenleaf community (again), I decided it was only my own fears that were holding me back.  So I went ahead and laid my tapewire. Only to realize that I hasn’t measured correctly for the coach light….so I had to rip the tapewire up. Apparently you can reuse wire you have peeled off,.so I might not have dug myself too much of a hole….

I have come up with a new mantra over the past day to help me get through this….

This is my first dollhouse. And not my last.

I repeat it over and over to remind myself I bought this kit not knowing what I was getting in to. This house, while it will hopefully stay around for a long tome…is also only meant to be my introduction into this whole hobby. I hope to build bigger better ones in the future. So I cant really beat myself up when my house isn’t looking like a piece art.

I was thankful for this mantra especially when I peeled my painters tape and the kitchen wallpaper came with it…

This scrapbook paper is still available. So I’m hoping to keep the teal. This was the first wallpaper I fell in love with, and I feel as though much of the house design has been centred around it. Unless I find something that speaks to me, I will just paper over again…this did give me an opportunity to place electrical through the kitchen as necessary. :).
Everything happens for a reason!

I have attached some pictures but I am not sure how to insert them into the post. One will show my sad rip in the wallpaper, another of Lina taking a break from all her hard work. The last one is a full overview of house right now. 🙂


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