Challenge Day 3

I hate to say it, but I’m not doing the best job accomplishing my goal(s)!

I gave up on light fixtures. The lights weren’t ready anyhow so I figured I would wait a bit longer. I’m glad I did because tonight I was able to accomplish this task. I went to Micheals and I found the perfect jewelry filigree for quarter scale, there are about 5 different pairs. And they were on sale! I don’t have a picture yet, unfortuately.

The next thing I attempted was the clay. While sculpting one item…I laid my arm down on the other, and obviously squished it….so that just went out the window.

So, to the Orchid it was.

Makaio decided at this point he was going to be inconsolable unless being hugged and rocked while I stood up. 4 months old. His way or the highway.

Today I managed to paint the trim. It’s hard to tell if I have good coverage or not. And point my lights at the room makea it too bright to see either. I think it’s enough for now, touch ups can come later if needed.

Tonight, I have to glue down the rest of the prepared flooring. Since no wiring will be going underneath I figured I might as well.

While I wait for that to dry. I will most likely work on….I was going to say some furniture, but I don’t want to have too much more until I know I have somewhere to put it.

Maybe I can start the upstairs flooring.

Cut paper templates. Wallpaper the templates….get closer to being able to electrify.

Now I’m at that point of mission finish what you started where the only things I have left to do are finish the houses…which will take a lot of work.

I just want to have the electrical, floors and wallpaper finished on the first level by tomorrow night. A>(Basically everything but baseboards, crown and stairs).

This is totally possible….


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