Setting Goals

I have sat around most of today. Cleaned, organized.  I tried at one point to get the toddler to agree to a walk, which was a failure due to the fact she didn’t want to wear pants….not to mention the greasy hair from the baby oil treatment last night, (hey, we all have our days..).

I tackled the craft area because it was literally consuming my house. (sidenote: I live in a two bedroom basement apartment with another adult and two children under 3 = no space and definitely no crafting “room.)

I have my table…and when thats too messy or I need more space since it’s only about 1.5′ deep I move to the kitchen table. My Orchid dollhouse sits on the kitchen table as well…as I do not have a final resting space for it yet, let alone an independent area to actually finish it. Needless to say, adding this new quarter scale project took over the whole house. Bless Gord for not picking on me for it!

I also took the time to start making an inventory on my computer as I organized my stuff. Microsoft One Note has a great search feature. So when you make a Notebook, you can search say “popsicle sticks” and it will bring up the pages that word is on. I made an individual page for each box and numbered the boxes correspondingly with labels, then just typed out whatever I threw into each box. This way, I will know what I have on hand by looking through the pages and I will also be able to locate what I need easier, by just simply searching. Technology can be ok I guess. 🙂

Well now I have gotten completely sidetracked from the original purpose of this post. Settling goals. Since I cleaned up, I realized I have about a million unfinished objects (aka. UFOs). I neeeeed to get these done.   So I decided over the next lets say, 5? 7? Days, I am not going to start a single new thing. I am going to work on finishing what I have. I.e., adding knobs to things that don’t have it yet, finishing clay items that have been started, etc etc.

So here is the plan for tonight;

Finish the kitchen set in the quarter scale cottage (this does NOT INCLUDE MAKING NEW CHAIRS.) Lol I had to yell. Sometimes I have a hard time listening. I need to add handles, burners, etc to stove, fridge needs handles, cupboards, sink and counter painted, with handles.

Bake the quarter scale doll I am pretty sure might be a failure because I sculpted her on plastic covered wire…because I am dumb. I have to bake her. I’ll let you know about that one. If she’s ok. I need to at least sand her tonight, maybe glue clothes on.

Lights into the quarter scale house. Dh has made them, they just need a few more finishing touches…. And fixtures, LOL. Then once they are in I can glue down the second story and then I will be able to glue down the floors and the upstairs paneling.

If I do have more time. Which I won’t.
I would cut the strips of cardstock to get ready to finish the exterior of the cottage (to be done after lighting is installed).

So. Tomorrow. I plan on checking back in with some finished items! 🙂


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