Moving in!

….To a new blog!! LOL.

Anyone who has been by the past few days might have noticed that I had a lot of posts all in one day and that a lot of posts aren’t formatted properly….
This is because I am in the process of switching over my blog from my other blog at My phone is more Google oriented, which will make it easier for me to post/share and commen. I have also noticed that most of the miniature community is as well using blogger (at least those who blog about it) so, in an effort to make more connections with like minded people, I thought that Google/Blogger would be better to host my ramblings at since it will be easier for me to meet people through Google connect….

I’ll let you know how that one goes! LOL. But while that was my original intention when switching over posts, I also realized that I much prefer the way that blogger works (I originally used to use blogger for my personal blog, but then found wordpress to be better, but now obviously the tables have turned..again!)

I’ve made a lot of progress on the quarter scale cottage and I will be sure to post pictures tomorrow!


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