Decor Issues

Well. The orchid build was stalled for much of this week because I was waiting on my electrical kit to arrive. I figured that since my floors got ripped up, I might as well wait to put them back in until I could do the electrical part properly….whatever that might be. I have run into more issues though. While I was fiddling among other things, I made some furniture. A bed and side table, from duracraft kits and a table with chairs from scratch. The bed and side table aren’t anything special, merely to hold Lina in her roombox while the house is built. image Note she also chose a colour for her room. The first coat was not as bright….however we didn’t mix the second coat right and now.. Bright teal. We have also removed blanket….TOO MUCH TEAL!!! I was at first really inspired by the teal sea foam-ish “ocean breeze” colours….but… Im honestly sick of it.especially after the roombox. Which I absolutely refuse to repaint. So now. What do I do with this…. image Because I don’t think I like the wallpaper. I love, love, love, my new floors. The wainscoting seemed too white, but then I realized that as much as I love this wallpaper….I don’t? Does that make sense? Perhaps the print would be more suitable for a nice shirt or dress….but not my dollhouse kitchen….I know I need a break from teal. That is for sure… SO NOW WHAT?!?? Do I paint over the wallpaper? What colour do I choose? Is this house still by the sea? Or has it perhaps relocated itself to the old urban centre of the city, where the houses standing were built during the 1910-1930s using catalog ordered Sears housing? I’m feeling like the latter is more tge case now. I doubt Lina would move from Russia to Canada with the intention to go live in the bush. She came here to start her life, build a business, start a family…. Sorry for all the yelling. Lol. But honestly. So lost. I don’t know what this house wants, or what I want, or what Lina wants….*sigh* I am currently waiting in the dentist office to have a wisdom tooth extracted. So while I am sitting in the chair trying not to have a panic attack, I will ponder these things and hopefully decide on something. As we all know, too much time away from our current project leads to temptations to start another…… B

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