My Nursery Roombox vs IRL Nursery

I don’t think I ever showed a picture of the roombox as “finished” as it is (hardly at all)..
Sorry for the fuzz. Toddler finger prints get every. where.
Anyways. Yesterday was the shower and I snapped these photos of her nursery….

I was getting close! I think I can still use… The dresser… But maybe not because its crooked. Lmao. Lets call that a practice run. Now I know what types of materials I like to use best and what I need to work on (i.e.; invest in drafting kit so I can draw square lines…). I can now make a perfect replica that will allow me to sleep at night and she will have a better memory.
She is due July 11-13th. So I have a while to work on it this time around! I need it to be perfect for her! :)

** Endnote: sorry for the awkward editing, but this happened while swtiching over my blog and I can’t be bothered to sit and fix it!**

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