New Hardwood Floors for the Orchid

I haven’t updated much because I haven’t made a lot of progress on anything! After receiving Lina in the mail, and deciding that I wasn’t going to continue with the roombox, I knew the next step would be getting back to the Orchid as well as fixing up the roombox. So…after fighting the children to sleep. I finally had a moment to myself (around midnight) and I sat down and opened this; image Which I had been staring at allllllll day. I knew the doll was in there, but opening it front of my 2.5 year old daughter would not have been a good idea. I sat in a moment of silence as I opened, I honestly don’t think I even took a breath, I didn’t know what to expect! image Underneath a pile of bubble wrap was another heavily taped bubble wrap which contained Lina. After struggling with the scissors for a while, (I’m by no means complaining I’m glad she was packed up so nicely!) I finally had her in my hands. She is even more precious in real life. The detail in this doll is exquisite and her joints move wonderfully. I couldn’t be happier. πŸ™‚ So we started to paint the Orchid together and then stopped, because I was not liking the white wainscoting. 😦 image So I decided to wait and sand it off the next day (great excuse to use my new dremel rotary tool!)…. Felt pretty defeated though. We (as in Lina and I) then moved on to fixing up the roombox. She said she wanted purple. But it ended up to bright…so we tried a light green but it ended up to puke-y looking. image We ended up going to bed feeling as though nothing was accomplished.  And I wasn’t sure where to start the next day. After sleeping on it, in the morning I started to look at my house and decide how I could make my vision come true. In order for this to happen the wainscoting had to stay white. Then I started to look at the floors…..and I grabbed the template I had made for the roombox and threw it in the kitchen. image This picture provides good contrast I like it SO much better! I am not even sure why I thought that natural wood would be good in the first place. I usually prefer dark woods. Mind you, most or the costal homes I used to design in the Sims 3 were filled with light colours inspired by the sea complimented with light or white washed woods. That could be why I started going in this direction. But after seeing the dark wood I knew I had to change it. ….but I had already glued in the other ones. I sat and brainstormed about how I would be able to achieve these types of floors in the Orchid. I first thought of sanding and then doing the acrylic wash over these skinny stick floors I had already made. That wouldn’t work though because I made this roombox floor by giving the sticks different shades of my stain wash. That would be impossible to do with the floors already glued in place. I also thought about sanding down the floors I already had and laying my new ones on top. But then I worried that the floors would look different between the upper and lower levels. Not knowing what to do, I turned to the Greenleaf forum for help, as always. πŸ™‚ Before I even got a response, I ended up with this… image Yup…that’s my flooring. I ripped it out. I decided I had to make all new floors or else it would always bother me. Amongst doing laundry/chores and taking care of the baby. I managed to “stain” and cut all the sticks as well as cut the templates all im one day?!!! I’m not sure how as I’m pretty sure it took me a week or so to do the other ones…and I didnt even stain the individual boards, as I did this time. image Much better!!!! I’m in LOVE with these floors and I’m so happy I decided to redo them! They are currently sitting with their second coat of satin poly. image Gorgeous!! And it’s just coffee stir sticks and acrylic paint water wash! Full view; image Don’t forget to click on the pictures for a bigger view! Hoping to post more as I go to avoid these long posts. But life gets so busy when I have a free moment I would rather be building than blogging! πŸ˜‰ B

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