Preparing for Lina’s Arrival

Arrival looks like a particularly odd word at the moment. I had to double check that it had two “r”‘s before I continued on. Now I am just having one of those “who in heaven’s name decided that for the English language” moment. Anyways, not much to update on the nursery roombox as of now. I did do a lot more work. Got some diaper boxes, linens, mattress. Now hoping to get the hardware onto the dresser and change table. OH YEA, I made a change table. LOL. I know I was debating this because of time, but I felt the room wouldn’t work without one! Here’s a sneak peak.. It’s not much, but it’s getting there… Also finished more books, not happy with printer quality. I will replace them for her when I get the good one fixed. The above is currently sitting in my 1:12 scale roombox I had made as my “shop” to use to take photos of mini’s…blah, blah.. I’m getting to that. For now it’s been holding my junk. See below; It’s housing a wide variety of odds and ends…In two different scales. Yesterday, I received news that Lina is finally in Canada!! I was hoping to house Lina in this roombox while she waits (and helps) for the Orchid build to be over. She obviously won’t want to live here so I’m going to have to fix it up for her a bit!! (maybe even add a roof! LOL) As you can (maybe) see, in all the mess, those pink and white objects are soon to be gravity baseboard registers from a tutorial on 1 Inch mini’s by Kris. So I have secretly been making a bit of progress on my own stuff! Hope to have an actual box for my room by tomorrow. It’s finally starting to come together and I really hope I can pull it off!! 🙂 Until next time, B

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