Even when you fall on your face, you are still moving forward…

The above title inspired by/ a part of/ is an old Indian proverb (not sure if that is India or Native Indian, sorry.) which I found in high school. I loved it so much, I painted it onto my easel. It seemed appropriate, especially when it comes to Art. For myself, there are always many times throughout a creative project that I tend to feel defeated. This is usually when its best for me to take a step back from what I am working on, look at what I have, and sleep on it. Let my creative jucies flow. But, like the above says, when you fall on your face, (for example when you are walking) you are in fact still moving forward and still getting closer to your destination. šŸ™‚ Last night when I sat down to work on my nursery roombox project I realized that my bookcase was only to scale if it were a 2′ deep shelf that was 7′ high. Totally possible, nice big book case…But not for a babies room. The books I had scanned and printed earlier also did not turn out well because my new printer is broken and my older one prints crappy photos. My crib is crooked. The bumbo was a mess…I was starting to think that Gord was right and that this project was going to be too much for me to handle. I really wanted to give up and felt like I had in fact fallen on my face (in the middle of my craft table of course.) I had already tried making some furniture with scrap foam core and I did not like that at all, and my wood supply is limited. Then I rememered I have matte board!! šŸ™‚ I have heard of many in the mini world who use this as a building medium so I thought I would give it a try. When I got to my stockpile I found a similar weight/thickness cardboard I had also stashed and opted to use that instead as I am pretty skeptical about how anything is going to turn out and didn’t want to waste the matte board. I actually really really liked using this to make a mini nursery set! It was super easy to cut, glued together nicely and is very durable now that it is painted and dry. I made another simple bookcase and because it was so easy I threw together a dresser as well…and a toy box. LOL. I still don’t even have the wood cut for the box (Gord is going to get a new blade tomorrow so we can do it), so I am not entirely sure exactly how much space I will end up having. Especially because I would like to put a false door frame in, since rooms without doors are boring… I might not even end up having room for everything that I have, but I am sure I will find use for it eventually. Anyhoo, Here are the photos!I apologize in advance that the last ones aren’t too crisp!! (Are they ever? LOL) This is what all of the furniture looked like before the paint. The toy box eventually will have the lid
attached with hinges

The books (see below) turned out pretty crap. This printer is too old to be doing this type of stuff. Also, hairspray as a sealer? Not so much. I have to go get some craft sealer this week for my stash of things becuase its going to be needed for future prinites (and a redo of these ones!  *if* I get my printer fixed this week,which is unlikely….then I suddenly thought, what about photo printing or something at Staples [Office Supply store] or even one of those machines at Wal-Mart, etc.) I made two here, one is 1:12 scale and the other is 1:24. Such a differnce! I almost kind of wish now that I had done this in 1″ scale so that you could see details more, butttt, I didn’t want to have to make a 1:12 scale crib for some reason…I’m not going to lie, thats probably the only reason why.. O_o

Little book, on my finger. Had to share how tiny this is.

Three of the books here. Recognize any?? šŸ™‚ I have about 5 more to print still, along with to scale baby shower invitation and baby registry slip.

In these pictures you will also find;
Some itty bitty cars and a xylophone (work in progress). As well as hardware for the dresser.
Bumbo. Mini Dinosaur and Stacker. Toys and books on shelf. Painted as close to dark cherry as I could get it. Possible gloss coat is in its future to get that veneer wood look that nursery sets often have. Crib. New paint job. Different blanket will be used. Dresser. With Diapers (also work in progress). The diapers on the right are to scale to a size 2 diaper, which is what my 4 month old currently wears. I think any smaller might be too small. I was even considering making the bigger ones just for ease of viewing. All will hopefully have yellow tags attached…if I can find my tweezers. O_O Close-ish up of diapers. One has shifted on the righ since the last pic and is throwing off the “pile” I had going there. Lol. Everything together. Not sure about that toy box peeking in the left corner though…I a) don’t want to put toys in in so it might become a linen chest and b) I don’t think I will have room for it. Especially because I think I might want a change table instead….maybe.. Even without the toy/linen chest there isn’t very much room left over for a change table… I suppose I will have to wait until I have my actual box… Next up on my list of things to do. Bake my clay things, and  finish them up. Finish the other books and etc I have to print. Make a mattress for crib and a blanket. Painting of a dinosaur for the wall. Possible change table. Finish diapers…make the room box…make floors, paint..Wow! A LOT. I also was trying to talk Gord into making an LED light because I don’t want it to get too dark. Or maybe I should jsut have a plexiglass top? TOO MUCH TO DECIDE! and its already Wednesday! One step at a time! Every night when I sit down and scroll through my progress on my blog I alway feel refreshed as it has come a long way and is starting to look like (almost) everything I had imagined it would. šŸ™‚ Until tomorrow, B

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