1:24 Scale Nursery Roombox Update

I am having SO much fun with this mini mini project! Gord thinks I’m crazy, but he’s a guy, so a handmade gift for some reason is never the first thing that comes to his mind! I reached out on the Greenleaf forum to get some suggestions for the project on such late notice and I got a couple good ones! First, scaling down the invitation for the baby shower and placing it in the box. I MUST do that, as well as the baby registry slip she gave me. Another idea was to use a memory box that matched the decor of the room. I loved this one as well, but I don’t know exactly what my friends nursery looks like, so this will be difficult. Im trying to not get too finicky over the fact that I do not know what her nursery looks like, because I would have liked to have made an exact replica of the nursery set and decor…. But oh well. I asked a few questions but don’t want her getting suspicious (although she probably would never guess that this is why I was asking ;)). I tried to get a friend to wiggle some info out of her or her sister. All the info combined gave me there clues; dinosaurs, dark cherry wood and off white walls. ……. O_o Please don’t let my OCD take over because I really don’t have time to do otherwise! I didn’t try to fix the crib. I just glued feet on it. Now its more crooked because all the beads I seemed to choose were not the same size, and trust me o dug and dug and tried many different combos! I might have to add a bit of clay or something to one of them to help make it look balanced..I really don’t want to have to make another, as I have so much planned I don’t think that I would have time to. So I threw a “blanket” over the front and back and snapped a picture for comparison. This is with blanket on back, image
And on front,


I think the blanket on the front looks better. I obviously messed up on the measurements. I really need a tiny drafting square because I bet making square cuts would solve all things crooked. Once I add a mattress, one should never notice. It also still needs to be sanded and perhaps a bit darker? This isn’t quite dark cherry colour. I tried to make a rocking chair….and failed. Im sure my techniques would have been better in a larger scale and not with balsa. When I tried to drill holes (by hand) for the back I’d the chair spindles, the wood just split. I think I would have had to opt out of the holes and just glue, but then I would have to wait for everyone to dry and etc etc and it would probably end up just frustrating me.. But I might try again. Also not sure if one would fit. As the box is only going to be 5×5 base by 6″ high (corner box) and my crib and bookshelf I made seem to make up about that much room.. So a rocking chair is out… Lol Here is the bookshelf I was talking about.


I didn’t take too many pictures as I built this (or anything for this roombox.). I feel like pictures help a great deal because it allows you to get “eye level” and see imperfections you might not see until you do something like say, post the picture to your blog. It wasn’t until I was posting this picture I realized my shelves aren’t straight…..but what else is new. I should have just called this a crooked nursery!!!! I still have.to sand and add handles to the “cupboards” (which is just a price of cardstock ;)) After making these two peices and realizing that they were pretty much going to take up all the space I decided to find some inspiration on her baby registry. One of the things that she has listed is a Bumbo. For those of you who haven’t seen these (and don’t want to click the link,lol), let me fill you in on this baby device. It is simply a foam chair that has been made to fit a babies bottom and legs in the pefect sitting position. This is ideal (and can only be used for,) babies that can hold their head on their own. This device helps them to sit up before they actually can. Makes life exciting for everyone! So, to yet again add personal touches I sculpted one out of clay. It is seriously so cute I can’t handle it. I keep going back and looking and just going SQUEEEEEEEEE. That is too cute. Here is a picture… From before..


 And here it is now…

I kind of butchered it a bit. So I’m waiting until tomorrow to.smooth it out and shape it up some more. I kept telling myself to put it down because I knew I was going to end up ruining it!!! (doesn’t this always happen?!!) I plan on putting it on the etsy shop soon! This is something that I think needs to be available for more modern miniaturists. đŸ™‚ I also made a little stacker thing. I don’t know what they are actually called


 It’s cute but not everything I wanted it to be. Im thinking of a redo tomorrow and using a white clay base instead to make it look more like the traditional plastic one (even though wooden toys are better!!) This is the whole lot as is right now. image

These are all the pictures I have for today! After I fix all my boo boos. I’m planning on working on some more toys and I’ve also started scaling down baby books from my personal collections. (I have been making them in 1:12 scale as well so I have them for other uses too! đŸ™‚ ) Hoping to get the toddler to help me with the books today! I will post pictures if this goes well!! B


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