1:24 Scale Crib

I know I should be working in 1:12 scale…..but, my friends baby shower is on Sunday so I decided to make her a nursery roombox. I’ve been thinking about doing this since the day she told me about the shower, why I am only starting now, I have no idea. Last night, even though I figured I’d be gung-ho to work on my own dollhouse after my trip to The Little Dollhouse Company, I decided to jump into making this roombox. Since I have also been thinking about smaller scales as well, I thoughr this might be a good opportunity to get the half scale (1:24 or 1/2″) bug out of my systemhopefully… So I started with what seemed the most simple and what is usually needed in every nursery is a crib. (Sidenote: ironic thing. I have two children under three and I have never owned my own crib. I co-sleep with both my babies now and have since the day they were born but that’s more topic for my personal blog :)) So, seeming like a simple task, I set to work (after the 4 month old finally allowed me to put him down at 1230 am. If it weren’t laundry day, I probably wouldn’t have stayed up so late, but I did have a load I was still waiting on (which by the way, I never took out until I heard gord get up at 2 – I wanted to look like I was doing something other than being cracked out on mini’s on the living room floor because as most crafters, my craft table is full of stuff so I can’t actually craft on it, LOL.) I used balsa wood, toothpicks and the much needed hand drill and I ended up with this. image What a wonky looking thing! It still needs its feet attached, and the back posts are off a bit in one spot that I tried over and over and over and over to fix…but couldn’t. I considered taking apart, but had already done that for two other mistakes and I didn’t feel like.doing it again. I thought about making a new one, but I was up until 3 making this one/obsessing over the crooked-ness and then decided I will have to find way to make due as I don’t really have the time to make another. Also, there is a chance that it might not even look that bad once I paint it and put a mattress in, and maybe a blanket draped over the back? … I will find a way. However, if it is really unsatisfying, I can always make a new one near the end. I mean its the size of the palm of my hand, will anyone really notice it when it’s all locked up in a roombox?… Who knows… Anyways, I’ll keep you posted on that one! Im hoping one.of the grandparents can take the toddler today so I can have some mini me time to execute my ideas!! 🙂 B

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