Too Fun to Not Share!

Today at The Dollhouse Company I had wayyyyyyy to much fun not to instantly share with anyone who cares to hear! I had this trip planned since I ordered my dollhouse kit back in March (??). Since my birthday was only a few months away and my Godmother and mother are also intrigued by everything mini, we decided to make a trip down for my birthday. For the time since then I have spent countless hours on their website compliling a “wishlist” of the items that I wanted to purchase while I was down there. However, I had a last minute dentist appointment early this morning and it threw me off with my planning and I never actualy printed or even wrote down items from my wishlist to find when I got there. I just knew I needed two things most importantly….baseboard and crown moulding. My house progress is pretty much stalled until I get these in my hands and installed into the house. So after an hour drive, we arrived and I was sweaty in my palms with excitement. When I stepped through the door my eyes immeditately started to dart from side to side glancing in at every corner and seeing what I could find that matched my “theme” of my house……If I somehow thought online shopping was overwhelming and shopping in store would be more efficent…I was wrong!!! I couldn’t even stay focused! I was thinking of all the things that I needed/wanted and then I was looking for them, looking at them, then tried to decide wether or not it was woth the $xxx or if I would be able to just build it myself [sidenote: even though Gord bought be my amazing doll, Lina for my birthday, I still somehow scored a Dremel 3000 rotary tool for my bday also, so now I can pretty much do ANYTHING I want myself, not just simple things like printies, or clay..I can use WOOD, and since I do have personal experience in woodworking and my partnerisa carpenter, this might be more efficent for my mini budget.) This is my mini haul for the day; Basic Greenleaf Master Bathroom kit. I purchased this because I have the Dura-craft furniture kits for all the other rooms, so I wanted to try and keep the furniture style consistent. I’m planning on adding a lot more personal touches to a lot of these kits and possibly “bashing” them up a bit. 😉 This is the baseboard/crown moulding (somewhere in there too). And yes, that is a teddy blanket on my lap. 🙂 Some mini hinges to help me to build my own furniture that I keep tlking about. 🙂 I had this kit on my wishlist. I was thinking of making my own woodstove because I had seen a tutorial or pictures of something that showed how to make one or something, but I also really wanted an arrow back rocking chair. Rather than just getting one wooden rocker for the same price I got everything pictured here. It will most likely end up white to match my decor. This was also on my wishlist. 🙂 My Aunt ended up buying it for my birthday. Its a kit. and I’m hoping that this will teach me the techniques used for weaving and wicker so I can maybe make some more of my own furniture My favourite part of the whole trip was finding this. I HAD TO have this.  The moment that I laid eyes on this I was SOLD. I am not a fan of the colours. I will probaby end up painting the light house portion. But OMG. HOW CUTEEEEE!!! Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I was in the semi-dark living room nursing the baby as I went over (and over and over…) the stash 🙂 I also just DIED over some amazing custom work that was there. I cannot find any links to any photos, sorry :(. But there was an amazing house that was built similar style to the Queen Anne kit. It had the same sort of bay window/gazebo, (or whatever they are called) type rooms. The other one that I almost fainted when I saw was a Tudor roombox, it had two rooms, one set in the back up a short stair case that had a little light. It just looked soooooo quaint with that extra little touch in the back. I reallllly want to make a box like this one day! The final house that melted my heart was a custom built tudor. It was three stories high, each story was a little bit offset from the next so it had a bit of a crooked or Weasly House (Harry Potter) sort of appearence. It was truely just awe inspiring. I really wish that I had the ability to do more woodworking so I can make something like this for myself (or someone else) one day!! Thats all for now! Hoping to get my baseboards and crown molding in this week 🙂 Until next time, B

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