Lina is here!

<a href=”;preview=true”>She</a&gt; is sitting next to me. Still in her box. I want to open her SO bad but a) I can’t find my camera and I feel this is a photo worthy moment, and b) I’m still trying to convince the 4 month old that sleeping is awesome so that I can have my hands 100% free.
In other short news. I am no longer making the roombox for the baby shower this weekend. Gord messed up with the wood measurements a few times, and when he finally got it right I realized (again, sadly) my scale was off and it would have been a 16′ x 10′ room. which is great a great but a little big compared to what she actually has….Which then got me thinking, nothing is what she actually has and that bugs me. I wanted to replicate it as closely as possible. So…I decided to wait until I see the room this weekend and then I can slowly build her one over the next 5 weeks and gift it to her after babies arrival. Now what to do with the 1:24 scale stuff…..I suppose I keep decorating and just make myself a roombox 🙂
but not now, now I need to get Lina somewhere nice to stay and then I have to finish building her house!
I will post pictures of all the exciting things….whenever I find my camera..

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