Orchid Build Day 1??

The only thing I know right now is that this house is going to be around a loooong time. I’d like to it finished a year to the day that I started the kit, but I’m not getting my hopes up. I suppose it will get easier especially once Makaio stats going to sleep around the same time as Nia. Right now, I put one to bed and still have to entertain/ feed the other (who by the way seems to know when I’m most in mood to mini because he poops and eats every five minutes…). This results me having limited time to work without interruption (in which case I’m sure that I would get a lot more done). I’m not complaining so much because I know both kids will be 15 before I know it, but I’d like to finish this project a little bit before then. I am finding myself leaning more towards a half scale or quarter scale project next. Or perhaps s side project… I have a lot of scrap wood and just got a rotary deremel so the possibilities are quite endless. Although I do want a 1:12 scale shop for Lina at some point, and I suppose if she ever meets the right guy they will need more of a family home…. seeeeeee I get to sidetracked in a million other idea lets stick to what’s in front of me for now!! This week I glued down all my floors and then the kitchen wainscoting. I also repainted the living room area because I had way too many blues going on. Here is some “eye candy” (hopefully to get much sweeter soon!). Keep in mind all wainscoting and door trim will be white, I decoded against a natural stain. Gord is still trying to convince me to keep my baseboards wood colour, but Im feeling the crisp white against the colours the house. I’m just waiting for my baseboard before I can paint all the trim.

Above is the updated picture of living room. Now a soft vanilla rather than robins egg blue. Above is the wainscoting with the chair rail. All ready for baseboards and paint. View from addition to living space. Note that HUGE gap in my door trim… Hoping to fix that somehow because when I tried to remove the trim and start over my wallpaper started to peel!!! Booo. So I’ll have to make do with this somehow. Wood filler and some paint should do the trick!…I hope! If not I will be sad. Anyways, thats all for now, I’m headed down to The Little Dollhouse Company in Toronto to pick up my baseboards and crown mouldings and whatever other goodies that I can find!! (it’s my birthday on tuesday!!) šŸ™‚ B


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