Orchid Update

You know whats funny? How many blog posts I dictate in my head throughout the day and NEVER actually get to posting. I really miss having a keyboard on my phone (android/touch screen+ NO GOOD FOR MY LENGTHILY BLOG POSTS!) So, as an alternative method to buying a new phone, and keeping with my resolution to keep blogging more, I am going to refrain from trying to spill my whole life story, unless absolutely needed….. ….Did anyone else laugh? Its hardly that easy. LOL. But, I don’t need to write an essay here, and its not a competition, so I really should just be blogging when stuff comes to mind right? I normally tweet, but it’s getting hard to explain things in 140 characters then press “tweet” and repeat like, 10 times to say what I need too. Too many grammatical sacrifices. Can’t take it. Blogging it is. So, My Orchid (dollhouse – a.k.a DH) build is….slooooowly taking off. I added an addition to the side that has a bay window. I would not have gotten this deep into the build had I not had to take apart the whole thing and start over again. But either way, the addition probably consumed me for about a week. Trying to figure out how to make the building work structurally while also looking aesthetically appealing. I gave up once. Then I painted and started to lay some hardwood flooring onto paper templates. Then I decided that I didn’t like the paint, and just hit a major wall with my decor decisions. Then I came to realize that it is taking me so long because I really don’tlovethis DH kit. Its almost holding me back from putting my full effort into it. Architecturally, this house is SOOOOO frockin’ ugly to me now. It looked great when this whole hobby/obsession was starting. But now that it has taken off and I stare and it more…and more..and more.. I realized I didn’t like how it was so,….box-y. So I had to make this wing coming off of the kitchen. Also, it gives me A LOT more space for my kitchen area. Which seems to be the most fun to cram a lot of stuff into, so I’d like to have it as big as possible. With the extension on the side, I have also provided myself with an attic area. I plan to have a door in the attic floor/kitchen roof with some sort of ladder. This will most likely be where the cute little sewing machine I scored on Ebay will go. I even made a little window for it to sit under. 🙂 🙂 The more I build, the more a story forms, and the more the house speaks to me. This does sound crazy I’m sure to those who haven’t been through this process. But it DOES happen. Every house has a story. The best part about mine is that its a blank canvas and I can kind of take it(the story of the house) in whatever direction I want to. During this process I decided that I needed a doll to live here. I mean, you can’t just assume the people are ALWAYS out every time you look at the house (especially for someone like me who seems to always be home these days with two cranky babies!). It needs that realism, and have a person in it. Its kind of like my childhood fantasy of faeries/gnomes/elves mixed in with Toy Story and a whole lot of years playing the Sims (1,2,and 3) coming to life at my fingertips. So I searched and searched and searched for a doll. And I couldn’t find “the one”. Along with my story I had this perfect vision of this delicate little red haired lady who would take up residence in this cottage I am building. Tell me how hard is it to find a 1:12 scale doll!!!???!! Well not that hard, unless you want something poseable, with removable clothes, red hair and delicate features. Which is what I wanted. But then I found her. Lina. A beautiful OOAK handmade porcelain ball jointed 5 1/2″ (14cm) 1:12 scale doll. I cannot even express the amount of love I feel towards this doll. Its like she is meant to be mine. HOWEVER she is like, $150… O_O The hair kind of held me back, I’m not going to lie. Although she is a red head like I wanted, her hair is a little askew for what I had imagined. So I contacted the doll maker to find out if she could make another for me if I ordered. She only makes one of each doll, but uses same mold, so she agreed to make a similar one with different eyes, hair, manicure, etc of my choice. And the new porcelain she was getting was white, not ivory, so her skin would be super pale. This became an overwhelming choice to make, since I really like this doll as she is just without her hair, so we agreed on just making another wig for her. (her current one is held by magnets) Despite the fact that she is really expensive, I am still so in love. Usually prices like hers can discourage me, especially for something like a doll.But I really can’t explain it. Again this is something you can’t understand unless you have the same feelings for a doll yourself My birthday is coming up, so after talking with some friends and Gord, everyone decided that if it was really something that I really really wanted and felt incomplete without, then they would all pitch and I could get her 😀 So I got too excited and placed a bid. I should have waited, not knowing how many people probably wanted her. I woke up at 5 am to go to the washroom only to found that someone had outbid me 😦 So now I have spent the past day trying to decide how much I REALLY want to pay, and also looking at possible other dolls if I don’t win her. There is 33 minutes left in the auction. My plan is to go with only seconds left and see what I can pull. Hopefully this is meant to be, because I really feel like it is!!

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