Sidetracked by life and a roombox

So, I haven’t updated in a while. I finished off my exams, applied to graduate (WOOOOO!!) and turned my focus to the mini world for an extensive amount of time. Obviously having a beautiful dollhouse on the kitchen table made DD2.5 very curious. She naturally wants to play with it, and I don’t blame her. But in an effort to keep her occupied from mine, I built her her own. I used a simple Micheals crafts creatology wooden puzzle dollhouse kit and furniture. It probably cost me about 10$ all together using my 40% off coupons. I thought that it would be a great way to test out my skills and see what kind of techniques I would use for my own house. I’m glad I did it because I learned a lot and things I thought would be awesome, actually turned out to be horrible. I spent 3 nights (up ’til 2am), gluing, painting and putting it together for DD. And after over 10 hours into it, when I went to start the next night, I realized that it was good enough as it stood and it probably wouldn’t stand for long. It is for a 2.5 year old after all, lol. Here’s the finished product; I only finished floors in one room…I might pick it up again another night, but Its kind of growing on me like this. I moved in spongebob and some other little randoms and, well obviously, DD just loves it. I’ve aleady stepped on and broken two items though, LOL. Not expecting it to last long. Which is why I placed a wanted ad on Kijiji for any dollhouses that people wanted to rid of that needed refurbishing. I want to refurbish something to make it more personal and meaningful, and also because it will give me something to do (and most likely be cheap!). I didn’t hear anything for almost 2 weeks and then BAM one day 3 people responded and I FOUND ONE! Gord is going to go get it tomorrow or Friday. Its only 30$ and it needs A LOT of work. Windows missing, none of the walls are glued in, or stairs….its basically a shell. But I see SO much potential in it and I can’t wait to start working on it. For the next few months, it will however, reside in my Mums basement, as I simply do not have the space to store it until it is ready to be worked on. In other news… I have a dry and dusty Etsy shop that I want to get back up and running with some of the handcrafted minis I have made. I attempted to take photographs but was getting frustrated not having a “scene” to place it in…so I made a roombox to solve the problem. It started out as just a simple cardbord structure. I just wanted a blank background. Then I went to Lowes. So it turned into wood, since I was going to put work into it longevity was a concern…Then a million other things happened and ideas came flowing out and it actually turned into what I like to call a “technique” project. This box gave me the ability to try things that had failed in DD’s dollhouse that I might like to use for my own. Switched from popscicle sticks to skinny sticks for the floors and windows. I tried a carboard strip siding technique (which I LOVE) and just really used it as a way to get myself more comfortable with the whole process. It was supposed to have two windows but I messed up the measurements on one and it was off by a 1/4″ which really makes a difference in the minature world. So I put a blank wall. I came across the idea of using just a trim and painting wall and adding a handle to create a faux door. I also loved this technique! This is the interior door; Handmade interior doorknob Exterior Door; Handmade exterior doorknob; I really just love the way the whole box turned out! I’m going to call the box my “shop” since its what I plan to use to photograph the minis I make and (hopefully) sell on Etsy. I still have to add a roof and glue on my doorknobs, but I’m calling it done otherwise before it gets too out of hand and I’m starting/finishing my dollhouse this weekend! (that is also getting out of control, but I will explain that tomorrow!) This is it; And with some mini stuff in it; I SWEAR, more updates to come, I really want to kep track of all of this progress in my mini world. Its especially daunting to post too because I don’t have this blog available on my wordpress app. Which is dumb if you ask me. B.

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